Pastel Nails with Studs to Put a Spring in Your Step

by admin

Pastel Nails with Studs to Put a Spring in Your Step

A little pastel goes a long way toward making spring feel right around the corner, even if there is still snow outside your window. So, liven up your end-of-winter look with these playful ruffian nails with studs. Warm weather is closer than you think!

Two-Toned Ruffian Nails with Studs

Inject a bit of spring into your nails this week with these two-toned ruffian nails with studs. The matte look is a season favorite, and I think a combination of nude colors and pastels always works well. So while you're waiting for the snow and cold to end, give these pretty nails a try. They'll keep spring and warm weather fresh on your mind! Plus, this look is so simple to create that you can do it easily.

All you'll need to get started are a nude and two pastel polishes, a nail art brush, pastel studs, glue (optional), and shiny and matte topcoats.

Two-Toned Ruffian Nails with Studs: Steps 1-2

1. Paint your nails with a nude base color. Then, using a nail art brush and a pastel color, paint halfway across the base of your nail — without touching the cuticle. Start in the middle, and work your way outward.

2. Repeat this with your second color. Be careful — you don't want to rush and get paint all over your cuticles.

Two-Toned Ruffian Nails with Studs: Steps 3-4

3. Then, using topcoat or glue, stick a studs at each center of the colored parts of your nails.

4. Add a regular topcoat. Once the first topcoat is dry, add a matte topcoat to really make the accents pop!

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