The Perfect Hack to Paint the Nails on Your OTHER Hand Without Making a Mess

by Bethany Lozier

The Perfect Hack to Paint the Nails on Your OTHER Hand Without Making a Mess

Painting your the nails on your right hand (or left for you lefties) just got so much easier.



It’s a simple fact of life: Most of us are either left-handed or right-handed. Unfortunately, this biological trait can severely affect our beauty routines, especially when it comes to nail painting. How many times have you smudged, rubbed or royally effed up the mani on your dominant hand? (Everyone’s hands should be raised high in the air).



Luckily for us, the lovely ladies of the YouTube channel cutepolish have crafted the ultimate nail polish hack video to show you how to paint the OTHER hand. Prepare to enjoy perfectly manicured nails every time, whether you’re a righty or a lefty.






The Hack Explained


  1. Before you start painting your nails, push your cuticles back with an orange wood stick so you have more nail space to work with.
  2. Select your go-to base coat, and swirl the brush to make it skinny and round. Hit the tips of your nails with the base boat to seal the nail ends.
  3. To paint your nail plate with the base coat, manipulate the brush into a flat shape and gently press the brush to the nail. Now here’s the trick, while keeping the brush still, roll your HAND to get polish along the edges of the nail and pull back to drag the brush down the nail. No shaky hands here!
  4. Repeat the process with your color polish, adding two to three coats to depending on the sheerness of your color. Always vary the angle of your hand to create clean brush strokes every time.



Another pro tip: To avoid thick or sticky polish application, it’s important to wipe off the excess inside of the bottle. Make sure the color polish is only on one side of the brush when applying to your nails to avoid wasting product.



Wasn’t this tutorial so handy? We’re so glad we could help you get your hands on it.