Pink Floral and Glitter Nail Art for Spring

by admin

Pink Floral and Glitter Nail Art for Spring

This simple spring nail art combines florals and glitter for a fresh, fun look. Read on to see how to create this look in just a few easy steps.

If you've seen some of my other nail art work, you know I love floral prints. (Who doesn't?) So this look includes my favorite pattern, but I put a slightly different spin on it this time by combining florals and glitter. It's based around this similar nail art design I saw online; I thought it would be a fun one to recreate and a design that you could easily replicate. You only need three nail polish colors and a glitter polish for this look, so you don't need a huge polish stash at all. Grab your polishes, a top coat, and a nail art brush and let's do it!

1. Paint the nails on three of your fingers with a white base color, using two coats to get a really solid white. Paint your thumb and pinky finger a dark pink color. I used Graffiti Nails Ice White and Sally Hansen Aria Red-y?.

2. Using the lighter of your two pink colors—I used Graffiti Nails Butterfly Pink—paint a line for a stem on your middle finger then, using a thin nail art brush, press down with the tip and flick to create a leaf effect. Do this on alternate sides of the stem all the way up. You can add as many branches as you want on each nail but it's probably best to keep it minimal. Do the same thing on your index finger.

3: Using the darker pink—I used Aria Red-y? again—paint more stems using the same nail art technique mentioned in step 2. You can overlap the two colors or leave them separate if you prefer.

4: Use a glitter polish on your ring finger. You can do this in a gradient effect as was done in the original design, or you can do a full finger like I have. I used Graffiti Nails Morning Mist nail polish. Once your design is done add a topcoat to seal everything and you're done!

Here's a Pin-able version of all the steps together. Enjoy!

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