Over 1,000 Amazon Shoppers Love This $9 Nail Hack That Ensures Flawless DIY Manicures

Pueen Latex Tape Cuticle Guard

Pueen Latex Tape Cuticle Guard


And it’s oddly satisfying to use.

Doing your own nails is great in theory. It saves you money and a trip to the salon, and when done correctly (we’re talking candles, mood lighting, and a calming playlist), it can feel like the ultimate act of self-care. Of course, this is all based on the assumption that your manicure looks neat and tidy when you’re finished. No one wants a messy manicure that looks like the signature work of their little cousin. Thankfully, Amazon customers found a hack that makes any DIY manicure look polished (pun intended).


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Painting within the lines (a.k.a. solely on the surface of your nails) is tricky, which is why Amazon customers swear by Pueen’s Latex Tape. Housed in a nail polish-like bottle, the liquid peel-off protector guards your cuticles from polish while you paint and easily peels off for a flawless finish when you’re done. All you need to do is apply the liquid latex to the areas of your skin you’d like to keep polish-free, allow it to dry until clear (about one to two minutes), then remove it after your manicure is set by rubbing the edge of the dried latex with your finger or tweezers and peeling it off in one clean sweep.


Not only does that process sound oddly satisfying, Amazon shoppers swear it works, saying “they don’t know how they survived without it.” One happy customer writes, “I’m new to doing my own nails and I have an issue of flooding my cuticles with polish. This latex did exactly what I wanted. The layers dry quickly and it comes off easily, in one piece.” Shoppers note that if you’re painting with a gel polish, you’ll want to remove the latex before drying your nails under the UV light.


For you skeptics, one Amazon customer truly did the research: “I purposefully messed up and painted over the latex just to see what would happen and when I peeled off the latex much to my surprise it didn’t mess up the nail or chip them or anything. They still looked perfect!”


The liquid latex is great for first-time DIY-ers as well as more advanced artists. Customers are singing its praises for making trendy nail techniques — such as marbling, stamping, and ombreing — much easier. “I used this product on my fingers for my first successful attempt at my holy grail of nail art: water marble! It was so much nicer to me than using a bunch of scotch tape,” one reviewer writes.


Shop Pueen’s Latex Tape for just $9 so that the most difficult part of your at-home manicure can be choosing your favorite polish.


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Pueen Latex Tape Cuticle Guard

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