Reverse Glitter Ombré Manicure

by Jocelyn Merkley

Reverse Glitter Ombré Manicure

There is something so captivating about a silver glitter and mint polish nail art design. The combination of small and large glitter scattered on the nail gives it such a fun, dimensional look.


The trick to applying a glitter ombré fade is to start out with a small amount of glitter on the polish brush on the first layer. Add more glitter to the polish brush and make shorter brush strokes with the second layer. The third application of glitter will just be a heavy brush stroke close to the cuticle because that is where you want the glitter to be the thickest.



For this design you need a basecoat, a topcoat, a polish color, and a glitter polish. The polishes I used in this nail art design are Orly Top and Base Coat, China Glaze Loves You Snow Much and OPI Re-Fresh Mint.


Watch this nail art tutorial for step-by-step instruction on how to pull off this design.



Read the step-by-step directions for the reverse glitter ombre design here:


  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Next apply two coats of whatever color you want.
  3. Take your glitter polish and remove most of the polish from the brush.
  4. Lightly apply the glitter starting from your cuticles down three-quarters of the way down the nail. Leave the tips of your nails clear of glitter polish.
  5. Dip the brush back in the bottle to get more glitter on the brush and make the brush strokes shorter and shorter until you have the desired glitter fade.
  6. To add to the design, paint the nails on your ring fingers fully with glitter polish.
  7. Finish with a clear topcoat.


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