School-Theme Nail Designs That Make Us Want to Hit the Books

by More.com Editors

School-Theme Nail Designs That Make Us Want to Hit the Books

If you’ve just started another new school year, get yourself in the spirit with one of these 12 school-theme nail designs. From apples to graduation caps, these fun mani ideas from our favorite nail bloggers are sure to make you look like a class act!


Calculator Nails



According to our calculations, this school-theme nail design should get you tons of compliments. All you need to re-create this nail look from Toxic Vanity are green Sally Hansen HD polish and a black nail art pen.


Calculus Nails



Nail Nerd‘s mathematical mani puts a new spin on the term graphic nail art! This quirky calculus nail design is a great way to celebrate a new school year, and it will look lovely from angles.


School Spirit Nails



Copy this cheerful school-spirit nail design using your own school’s colors! The look just requires two colors (more if you want) and a small detailing brush. Click here for the full tutorial.


Apple Nails



If you’re always the teacher’s pet, this delicious red mani from Steffels is just for you. Grab some beige, red, brown, green and white polishes, and get going. It may take a bit of concentration, but as any good student knows, hard work pays off!


Crayola Nails



Nothing summons up back-to-school nostalgia like a fresh box of crayons. Re-create this grade school-theme nail design from Copy Cat Claws with polishes in your favorite shades and a black nail art pen to make Crayola’s signature squiggle. You can even add a yellow-and-green nail inspired by the brand’s box!


Graduation Nails



If it’s your graduation year, copy this fun floral graduation mani from Look At Her Nails. Painting a mortarboard and your grad year with some girly accents is a cute way to celebrate your last new school year!


School Bus Nails



Even if you don’t ride everyone’s favorite mode of transportation to school, an accent nail or two with a big yellow bus is a cheerful way to bring on the new year. Copy this look from MissJJan by painting a yellow stripe across two light blue nails and adding black details with simple shapes and lines.


Ruler Nails



Rule your school with this measuring-tool mani from Sincerely Stephanie Nails. All you need are yellow nail polish, a black nail art pen, and a clear top coat to seal the design. Grab a measuring tape or a real ruler as a guide if you’re concerned about accuracy.


Chalkboard Nails



Luster Lacquer created this school-theme nail design using a black base coat with pastel polishes and a matte top coat to get an authentic chalkboard look. Top it off with one glossy apple-accent nail to really drive home the theme.


Letter Learning Nails



The best part of this manicure from The Daily Nail is that if your ABCs turn out a little shaky, it will look all the more authentic! Use a white base coat and light blue, pink and black polishes with a fine-tipped nail art brush to copy the look.


Pencil Nails



You’ll have the number-one nail art with this No. 2 pencil-inspired manicure! First paint a yellow stripe with orange shadow accents, then add metallic silver and, finally, eraser-pink polish stripes to complete this back-to-school nail design from The Daily Nail.


Back-to-School Nails



Take a page from Fairly Charming‘s book, and combine your five favorite back-to-school-theme nail designs into one major mani. We can’t blame you for not being able to choose!