Shh! Flip Manicures Have The Cutest Secret Hiding Under Your Nails

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Shh! Flip Manicures Have The Cutest Secret Hiding Under Your Nails

We love a bold mani trend. With intricate designs and embellishments underneath the nail bed, it's clear that the flip manicure is the coolest trend we've never seen — until now.

We love a bold mani trend. Whether it's a glitter-saturated polish, a rad under the sea-inspired mani, or the unicorn trend come to life on your fingertips, we always thought the manicure trends would keep their place on top of our tips — until the flip manicure crept up out of nowhere and has us wanting to try this brand-new take on nail art.

Of course, the flip mani seriously simple, although it may add a bit of time to painting your nails. All you do is embellish the underside of your nail, the same way you would on top of the nail bed.

Nail gurus are going all-out with the latest trend for your fingertips, decorating the underside with everything from simple colored polishes and glitter to more intricate designs and accents that would be bold to rock on the front side of the nail. Fashion-forward beauty lovers seem to love the way this design adds a pop of life to a traditional mani, and we love it, too.

Though it's a hidden design, there's something special about rocking a design that is totally trendy — and completely your own. Plus, it makes for a gorgeous Insta pic. This darling trend is already all over the internet, inspiring us for our next manicure.

Try a more intricate design

Stick with a simple colored accent

Go for something Louboutin-inspired

Throw on some gems


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Add a splash of sparkle

Or just go bold on top AND bottom

There's no wrong way to rock this insanely cool new trend

Are you head over heels for this flip manicure?