Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Easy Nail Art

by Katy Parsons

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Easy Nail Art

You’ll love this nail art with rainbow stripes. It’s only five steps and requires zero skill, so it’s the perfect design for a beginner!



For this rainbow nail art, you don’t need much–just some striping tape and a rainbow of polish colors. I used an assortment of Color Club’s polishes, including Pucci-licious, Bright Night, Twiggie, Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, and Warhol. You’ll also need a white base color.



Here’s how to get started:




1. Prepare the nail with a base coat, then lay down two coats of white polish. Follow it with a coat of quick dry top coat. Let that dry before moving on.


2. Cut small strips of your striping tape, and lay each down the middle of your nails.



3. Using your purple and blue polishes, paint half of your nail purple and the other half blue.


4. Working on your same finger, slowly and pull off the tape. For crisp lines, be sure to remove the tape before the polish dries.




5. Now repeat this same process, one finger at a time, for all of your other fingers: I painted my ring finger blue and green, my middle finger green and yellow, my thumb orange and pink, and my index finger yellow and orange. As always, be sure you seal your work with top coat!



See how easy that was? You may wind up with some polish on your cuticle area, but you can easily clean that off. You can also try this look using different shades of just one color, or mix it up entirely!



Here’s a Pin-able version of all the steps with a finished shot, too. Have fun with it!





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