Sparkly New Year’s Nail Art Perfect for Celebrating

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Sparkly New Year’s Nail Art Perfect for Celebrating

New Year's Eve is at the very top of our list of reasons to celebrate. We love getting all dolled up—the glitz and glam, the metallic hues, and the sparkles and sequins. And our nails are definitely joining in on the party—check out our favorite New Year's nail art, and find the perfect look for the party of the year.


Rainbow Glitter Tips



We can’t get enough of this ultra-fabulous sparkly look from Sarah Lou of Sarah Lou Nails. Start with a clear base with subtle sparkle. Then use a makeup sponge to get the best application of your rainbow glitter polish. (We like OPI’s Rainbow Connection.) Using the sponge helps the clear base soak into the sponge so the glitter is super-concentrated. Finish off with a clear topcoat.


Matte Black with Metallic Gold Tips



This simple but oh-so-gorgeous New Year’s nail art from Sarah of Chalkboard Nails is at the top of our must-try list. Paint nails with any black polish you have, and use a quick-dry topcoat to set. Then use French tip guides or half-moon vinyls to block off the nail except for the tip, and paint the tip with your gold glitter polish. Finish with a matte topcoat for truly unforgettable New Year’s nail art.


Turquoise and Gold Art Deco



If you like the geometric Gatsby look in this slideshow, you’ll love this colorful take on it from Sammy of The Nailasaurus. Start with a rich turquoise (or really any jewel-tone) base on the thumb, index finger, and little finger. Use a shimmery gold on the middle and ring fingers. Use a skinny nail art brush to draw on the patterns on the colored nails with the shimmery gold, and top it all off with a glistening topcoat.


Black and Silver Skinny Stripes



Silver-foiled pleated skirts at the Proenza Schouler Spring ’14 show inspired Taryn from Miss Ladyfinger to create this dainty nail design. To get the look, start with a nude nail. Then use a nail striper and silver polish to draw skinny vertical lines on each nail, and make sure to slightly stagger them. For added sparkle, use a silver glitter polish to go over those same lines. Add a thicker black line to one edge of each nail, and finish off with a topcoat.


Black Jelly with Glitter



This glossy, multidimensional look from A Polish Addict takes only two steps—a black base and a black jelly polish with colored holographic glitters. Jelly nail polish has a much different texture than classic nail polish—it’ll be shining just as much as you will, come New Year’s Eve.


White Gold Gradient



Gradient has been huge this year. Combine it with glittery gold to ring in the new year with this tutorial from A Polish Addict. Start with two coats of solid off-white polish. For extra gold glimmer, swipe a coat of gold glitter nail polish like Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow to give the white a gold sheen. Use a normal nail brush to paint on a more concentrated gold glitter polish, and sponge extra-close to the tips for a gorgeous gradient look.


Chrome Chevrons



Catch every eye in the room with this metallic look from Shelly of Sassy Shelly. Use an opaque silver polish on every nail except your middle or ring finger—pick one to be your accent nail. On the accent nail, use a black polish with a matte satin finish. Use chevron appliqués to get the effect on your accent nail, and seal everything with a matte topcoat.


Gatsby Geometric



Nothing says glam like Gatsby, so even if your plans aren’t as grandiose as one of Jay Gatsby’s parties, feel free to rock those iconic geometric patterns on your nails. To get this look from Sammy of The Nailasaurus, start with a creamy silvery nude polish. Sammy claims freehand-drawing the silver lines isn’t too hard, so use a nail art brush and a silver polish to create the triangles and lines. Top it all off with a glistening topcoat.


Black Glitter Gels



If you’ve got an LED light or at-home gel system, try these shiny black glitter gels from Emily of The Lacquerologist. Apply one coat of gel base coat. Then use a fluffy brush to apply craft glitter in a black-and-gold formula to all nails. Finish off with three coats of gel topcoat.


Dusted Square Glitter



This party-ready mani from Sarah of Chalkboard Nails looks like falling confetti, and we’re totally obsessed. Use a gold glitter polish on all nails except the ring finger and thumb. Use a black glitter topper with square glitter if you can get your hands on one—that gives the confetti effect. For the ring finger and thumb, use a base coat of a black crème polish and two coats of a sheer gold glitter polish like NYX Gold Glitter. Seal it all off with a topcoat. For more metallic nail looks for the holidays, check this out.


Gilded Gold Confetti



This stunning look from Victoria of Manicurator is the easiest we've ever seen. Just apply two coats of a multidimensional gold glitter polish like KBShimmer Dressed to Gild. The holographic gold glitter is sprinkled with hints of lavender and green, which makes it the most standout gold ever. Apply a base coat to prolong polish wear time, and then apply two coats. You don't need a topcoat—it dries matte!


Gold Texture and Stamps



New Year’s Eve means you can add as much glitz and glam as you want, and we love how Sarah of Chalkboard Nails did it with this mani. Start with a light gold glitter polish like Zoya Pixie Dust in Godiva. Once you’ve worn it for a few hours (or a whole day, just to be safe), get ready to stamp. Using a full-nail stamp to create the little twinkles will make it a lot easier. Try this one from Nailz Craze.


Snowy Night



If it’s going to be a chilly evening this New Year’s, embrace it—even on your nails. We love this adorable snow-themed mani from Taryn of Miss Ladyfinger. Start with base coat to protect the nail, and then apply two coats of black polish. Freehand-paint or sponge on silver nail polish, and let dry. Use a nail art brush to paint on white dots, and finish with a glossy topcoat.


Old School Glam



These intricate-looking, glamorous nails from Sarah Lou of Sarah Lou Nails were actually inspired by an old Hollywood sequin dress. Get the look for yourself by starting with two coats of your favorite nude polish. Use a skinny nail art brush to paint on gold lines like the ones you see in the picture. Alternate the turquoise and gold accents on every nail—the gold is done with a little gold glitter polish and gold glequins, and the turquoise is just glitter nail polish.


Tortoiseshell and Studs



This stylish look from Alice of One Nail to Rule Them All takes only three polish colors and some cling wrap. Start with a base coat and a base color coat of any rich, deep brown color. Apply two coats of the dark brown to every nail except the index finger—paint that with a dark glittery color like OPI Mystery. Allow ample time for this first step to dry completely. Then apply a light brown color to the ring finger, and lightly press with a piece of scrunched-up cling wrap. For added dimension, dot a light cream color and more of the light brown on top and press with the cling wrap. If you want, use a dotting tool to place studs on each finger. Finish with a topcoat on all nails. Watch the full tutorial here.


Stripes, Glitter, and Year Accent



Ring in the new year on your nails first with this glitzy look from Sammy of The Nailasaurus. Apply two coats of black polish to the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and two coats of an opaque gold glitter polish to the ring finger and little finger. Once those are dry, use a nail art brush to freehand-draw vertical gold and copper lines, starting at the bases of the thumb and index fingers. Use the same brush to write “2015” on your middle finger—and make sure it faces out, not in!


Glittery Pink-and-Purple Geometric



Striping tape makes just about anything possible in the world of nail art. Here, Allie from Brit Nails uses it to make a super-precise geometric look. Choose any two glitter nail polishes. We love the deep purple and princess pink combo. Start with the lighter color, and apply two coats. Tape off the section that you want to stay that color, and paint on the darker color. You can finish off with either a matte or glossy topcoat—totally up to you!


Matte Black with Gold Grunge French Tips



Fresh twists on French tips have been in for a while now, but this look from Deborah of Love Varnish is one of the coolest we’ve seen lately. Start with two coats of a black matte nail polish. Then grab your bottle of opaque gold glitter polish. Use it to coat the very tip of the nail; then, making sure your brush is almost dry, drag it slightly down the nail to get that mismatched, distressed look. Don’t use a topcoat so the nails will stay matte.


Gold with Black Outline



Adele made black-and-gold a thing, and we’re still not done using that as an excuse to wear it all the time. We love how Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous updated the classic gold nail with a black outline. Just apply two coats of your favorite gold glitter nail polish, and when it’s completely dry, freehand-outline each nail with black polish and a nail art pen. For a little added bling, place black rhinestones or studs in the middle of an accent nail or even all your nails!


Black Matte with Glossy Tips



We seriously can't get enough of matte nails this season. Add a little interest with a glossy French tip as Leslie of Polish Art Addict does with this chic look. Paint two coats of a matte black nail polish; then use French tip guides to help with putting a glossy topcoat on just the tips. For extra black intensity, use a normal black nail polish under the matte.


Metallic Gradient with Glitter



If you’re looking for a gorgeous neutral metallic look but are getting bored of classic gold or silver, try using a gunmetal-color polish instead, as Emma of Manicurity does in this tutorial. After creating a gradient by sponging on the darker color first and transitioning into the light gold color, use a glitter topper like Steampunk from Loaded Laquer. Finish with a topcoat, and you’ll have nails everybody will be copying for months.


Frosted Pink with White Detail



This cool glitter look from Taryn of Miss Ladyfinger was inspired by J. Mendel’s Spring ’14 line. To get the look, use polishes from OPI’s Liquid Sand line or any textured glitter polish. Apply the pink hue first; then swirl on a silver or gold color. Use a nail striper to make the white V-shape by the cuticle. No topcoat is needed—you’ve got all the texture and shine you need.


Rhinestone Year Nail Art



Try your hand at rhinestones with this adorable look from Sammy of The Nailasaurus. Start with two coats of a dark polish. We suggest charcoal gray or deep purple. Then, following this tutorial video, apply a coat of clear nail polish to each nail, and place glequins on in the shape of the number you’re putting on each nail. Finish off with a quick-dry topcoat.


Holographic Black Honeycomb



Now that you’re feeling comfortable with applying glequins, try this super-easy honeycomb design from Katy of Nailed It. Start with two coats of a silvery glitter polish—for extra dimension, choose one with little flecks of other colors, like blue and pink. Then paint a coat of clear polish on each nail, and place black matte hexagonal glequins on, applying them in alternating lines so they form a honeycomb shape. Finish with a topcoat so the look stays put.