Spider Web Nail Art Design

by admin

Spider Web Nail Art Design

Fall is in the air and the Halloween decor is already out! I can’t wait to jump into this fun season full force and make the most out of these next 31 days. The first thing I'm sure to do is to change my nail design. Check out this spider web nail art design I created.

This design is very simple and beginner friendly. All you need are black and white polishes and a fine-tipped nail art brush. To create the web design, I used Kiss Nail Art Paint & Stencil Kit. Their thin polish brushes made this design really easy to create. The black and white base polishes I used were China Glaze but any polish will work. 

Follow these simple step-by-steps to recreate this design on your own nails!

1. After applying a clear base coat, apply two coats of black polish to the nail on your ring finger.

3. Apply two coats of white polish to all of your other fingernails.

4. Take your thin nail art brush dipped in black polish and paint three stripes that spread out across your nail from a base point on one side. Do this on all your white fingernails.

5. Do the same on the black nail with white polish. Start the stripes on the opposite side as the other nails.

6. Fill in between the lines with curved segments to create the webbed look.

7. Finish with a clear top coat and clean up any little smudges with a nail art brush dipped in nail polish remover.

And that's it. Get spooky today!

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