Splatter Nail Art

by admin

Splatter Nail Art

I love utilizing tools I have around the house to make nail art. This splatter paint nail art is especially fun because you get to create your own design. And the only special tool you need to create this fun nail design is a plastic straw!

Here are simple steps to create splatter nail art:

  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply two coats of white polish.
  3. Wrap the skin around your nails with Scotch tape for an easy clean up.
  4. Stick the polish brush inside one end of the straw and thickly coat it with polish.
  5. Next blow on the other end of the straw. This will blow the polish all over your nail. Repeat for desired look.
  6. Remove the tape from your fingers and when the design is dry apply a finishing top coat.

Some tricks you need to know:

  • Don’t put too much polish in the straw.
  • Consider using a thin straw rather than a really fat one to give you more control over the size of your splatters.
  • Use viscous polish to ensure an easy splatter.
  • If your polish is too thick, you can add one or two drops of pure acetone to your polish bottle and mix to thin the polish.

Other color combos to try with this design are black on white, white on black, an opaque light color on black and white on a bold color. Get creative with it!  You could even do the opposite color scheme on your ring finger for an accent nail.

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