Spring Bling Nail Art: Jewelry for Your Fingers

by admin

Spring Bling Nail Art: Jewelry for Your Fingers

Bring a little bling to your fingertips with a nail art look that features stunning rhinestones and a faux necklace design that’s super simple to do.

Spring has finally arrived, and with it that chance to wear soft flowy dresses with open necklines perfect for showing off new necklaces. I love the layered strand look, especially when they're stands with a bit of bling like sparkling rhinestones. But why limit your spring accessorizing to your neckline? I created this nail design to mimic the look of a delicate draped necklace adorned in shimmering jewels. I love how the nude nails reinforce the idea that the design is a necklace laying on bare skin. I used a nude with a hint of gold shimmer from Misa called Dusty Magnolia, but you could also try it in soft mint or a baby pink—it all works!

This is a great first project for first-time nail artists, because you don't need any special tools or techniques to get a great look. You'll want to grab a double-sided dotting tool so you can make chains of small and large beads, and the blingiest rhinestones you can find. If you don't have a dotting tool, use a toothpick for the smaller dots and a pin head for the bigger ones. If you don't happen to have any nail jewels lying around, get create and look for them other places. I got my rhinestones from a broken picture frame!

1. Polish all of your nails with two coats of nude polish and let dry.
2. With the larger end of the dotting tool, create a chain of black beads near the tip of your nail.

3. Do the same thing with the smaller end of the tool, laying the row of dots differently than the first chain.
4. Polish your nail with a layer of top coat, then place a rhinestone at the bottom of the lowest loop in the chain. It should stick to the fresh top coat. Seal the rhinestone with another layer of quick dry top coat or try a gel top coat if you'd like to keep it on longer!

And that's it, a simple nail design that will still turn heads. Enjoy and share (we made it easy with this Pin-able version of all the steps)!

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