Studded Nail Designs: 18 Ideas for Rocking 3-D Nails

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Studded Nail Designs: 18 Ideas for Rocking 3-D Nails

When it comes to edgy fashion, studs are badass on garments and accessories, and this season, they're a must-have for your mani. These glue-on gems may be the simplest way to get the perfect 3-D nails, so we've rounded up 18 nail art tutorials you can do at home!


Pastel and Studs Nail Art



Pastels are huge this season. Give these pretty colors an edge with rounded studs. Don’t worry if your painting skills aren’t spot-on—the studs will hide any imperfect lines. We agree with Wendy’s Delights: We’d rock these 3-D nails all summer.


Rainbow Stud Mani



If you prefer vibrant colors, try Very Emily’s 3-D nails. These digits balance neon studs with matte black polish and a heart accent nail. They are festival-worthy, but we’d rock them every day.


Burlesque-Inspired Nails



While studs are traditionally edgy, the netting design of these burlesque-inspired 3-D nails by Mimi Manicures is vamp turned up a notch. These talons are perfect for special events or just when you’re feeling a little too buttoned up.


Stripes and Studs



Wink and Blush says that using striping tape makes these 3-D nails look pro-worthy. We love that they require only rookie skills. Grab your two favorite polishes and a few studs, and try this intricate look.


Metallic Spiked Nails



This mani combines three of this summer’s hottest nail trends: metallics, gradients, and spikes. Think this effect by Nails Like Lace looks a little prehistoric? We do, too! The spikes look like those on a dinosaur’s tail.


Matte Black Dino Nails



If you prefer your dino-inspired nails without metallics, 10 Blank Canvases uses a matte black base in her 3-D nails tutorial. These nails are edgy enough to turn heads but still conventional enough for nine-to-fivers.


Throwing Star Mani



While you might have to be a ninja to keep from stabbing yourself with these faux throwing stars, these unique digits by Lab Muffin are well worth it. With the novelty, the matte black polish, and oozing “blood” all going for these nails, they’ll have everyone’s eyes on them.


Acid Color and Spiked Nails



Likewise, these 3-D nails should come with a safety warning. But their extreme nature, not to mention the neon polish, makes them stand out. These daring digits by Nail a College Dropout are truly too cool for school (which is why we’re wearing them all summer).


Matte Stud Nails



Chelsea Queen mixes matte polish, glossy polish, chevron, and studs in her 3-D nails tutorial. If you don’t have a matte polish, you can create these textured digits with a mattifying topcoat and your go-to colors.


Beaded Nails



Mix up studded digits with a beaded accent nail as Eeeek! Nail Polish! did with these 3-D nails. These gems are edgy, boho, and perfect for summer.


Studded Nail Art



These Michael Kors–inspired nails are fashion-forward. The tiny round studs and ultra glossy polish give The Nailasaurus‘ 3-D mani a luxe vibe.


Fish-Egg Nails



If a few rounded studs aren’t enough, try creating a 3-D accent nail with Kiss My Sparkle’s tutorial. The caviar reference and jewel tones make these high-class. If you want to take this mani from dinner party to everyday, try pastel colors with silver beads.


Green and Gold Studs



Take a note from City Kitty Nails and mix stud shapes to keep the look interesting but not overwhelming. This is how you rock gold studs in an artful way.


Studs and Pearls



Combining badass studs with ladylike pearls gives 3-D nails more character. Try an all-pearl accent nail with a single stud on the rest of your digits as Brit Nails did for a clean look.


Green and Gold Studs



If you prefer a full-studded mani, try Spektor’s Nails3-D nail tutorial. All you need to complete this pretty mani is clear plastic wrap, green and gold polish, studs, and a go-for-it attitude. With this look, more is more.


Studded-Cross Nails



It’ll take a little extra patience to create Liquid Jelly’s studded-cross mani, but these trendy 3-D nails are worth the extra time—cross our hearts!


Negative-Space Spiked Nails



Use negative space with these 3-D nails by Nails Art Tutorials. These nails remind us of little tuxedo jackets, so the spikes bring an edgy vibe to these otherwise elegant digits.


Galaxy Nail Art



The past few seasons, galaxy print has owned everything from leggings to T-shirts. This season, it’s taking over nail art. We love how Pack-a-Punch Polish pairs itself with wolf accent nails and silver studs for Tumblr-esque 3-D nails.