Summer Nails: Playful Beach Nail Design

by admin

Summer Nails: Playful Beach Nail Design

If you’ve got an seaside vacation planned, then you’ll need this tutorial for an easy beach nail design featuring bouncy, colorful beach balls! It’s a detail you can add to all your nails or just one for a summery nail look sure to get attention.

Playful Beach Nail Design

These fun beach balls are a bounce of fresh air. You'll want to get a fine-tip nail art brush to pull off this beach nail design. You'll also need a base coat, white, black, yellow, blue, and red nail polishes, and a clear top coat.

Before beginning the design, polish your nails with a soft, fresh base. I used OPI's You Callin' Me a Lyre?, which doubles nicely for a French polish base. It makes your nails look cleaner and less stained, so don't skip this step!

Here's how to add the beach ball design:

Playful Beach Nail Design Steps 1-2

1. With a white polish, paint a circle at the free edge of your nail. This design works beautifully for round and oval nails. Tip: If you don't like it on your square or "squoval" nails, try the design near the cuticle instead.

2. Paint a small half circle at the top of the white ball with yellow like OPI's The "It" Color.

Playful Beach Nail Design Steps 3-4

3. With a beautiful beach ball blue like OPI's No Room for the Blues, draw a line from the yellow half circle to the edge of the ball as shown.

4. Repeat with the yellow on the other side.

Playful Beach Nail Design Steps 5-6

5. Add a red wedge down the center, leaving white between the blue and yellow. I love OPI's Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It for my red.

6. Now outline the half circle and the beach ball with black, and it's game, set, match! Protect your fresh beach look with a quick dry top coat!

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