A Sweet Treat: Velvet Heart Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

by admin

A Sweet Treat: Velvet Heart Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

I am so obsessed with hearts, and velvet is back on the fashion scene. For this Valentine's Day nail art how-to, we're mixing the two for a textural treat! All you need is a nail art brushsmall and large dotting toolpink flockingclear base coatwhite polish, and some pink polish that matches your pink flocking. Here's how you do it:

1. Clean and shape your nails to the desired look then apply a clear base coat. Apply two thin coats of white or pink polish to your nails. I alternate the color so every other finger is white or pink.
2. While you are waiting on your white polish to dry, you will be applying flocking to the nails you painted pink. Apply heavily to make sure it covers the whole nail; press lightly to set. Allow it to dry for a minute.

3. Using your nail art brush, gently brush the excess flocking from the nail.
4. For the nails painted white, use your large dotting tool and dip it in pink polish. Place three large dots that intersect each other to make the platform for the heart. Use your small dotting tool in the same way to create small hearts.

5. To shape the three dots into a heart you will need to drag the dotting tool from one dot to the other, filling in the gap on each side. Do the same with the small dots.
6. Place pink flocking on top of the pink polish before it dries and gently press it down into the wet polish. Let it dry for a minute and then gently brush off the excess flocking from the nail.

Here's a Pin-able version of all the steps with a finished shot, too. Happy Valentine's Day!

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