Swimming Pool Nails Will Make Hot Summer Days Instantly Cooler

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Swimming Pool Nails Will Make Hot Summer Days Instantly Cooler

Swimming pool nails are this summer's manicure trend that will keep you feeling poolside all summer long, even if you're indoors!

ICYMI: The official start to summer is barely over a month away, and while your days off might already include your brand-new carefully selected swimsuit, that killer, sheer cover-up, your fave sun specs, and a bottle of SPF 30 poolside, we're pretty sure you're forgetting something.

Fully celebrate the arrival of the sunny season by letting your nails join in the party, with swimming pool nails.

This uber fun look mimics the sun's reflection off of the pool water, and it's seriously making us want to dive in immediately. (Unless there's a "No Diving" sign, of course.) Swimming pool nails will automatically make those hot summer days feel even cooler, even if you're stuck inside all day.




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Don't waste your sun-time with a long trip to the salon, though. There are several ways to get the look, but we love YouTuber Lily Rose's technique!

DIY the look by painting all of your nails a light shade of blue, and letting them dry completely. Then take a bright (slightly darker) blue over top of the first color. Before the second color dries, dab a sheet of plastic Saran Wrap over the nail, creating the pool effect. Clean up any polish on the skin with polish remover.

If you're feeling extra fab, try painting on some sunglasses or a fun little rubber ducky. Rose made an adorable beach ball, and then sealed her look in with a clear top coat.

Check out her full tutorial below, and get ready for your nails to have some fun in the sun!