These 25 Snowflake Nail Designs Will Have You Feeling Chill AF

by Sierra Burgos

These 25 Snowflake Nail Designs Will Have You Feeling Chill AF

Normally, when you think of winter and snowflakes, shades of blue come to mind. But these merry manicures prove that any color can be festive. So whether you’re a neutral gal or a hot pink gal, you’re sure to find a snowflake nail design you’ll want to get ASAP.


Snowflake French Tips



Combine French tips with a peppermint theme by making the ends red instead of white. This set even features a candy cane ring finger.


Metallic Snowflakes



You know you see this exact design on holiday wrapping paper every year. The metallic navy blue and silver makes these nails stand out in a sea of gloss and mattes.


Pretty Nude Snowflakes



Try a more subtle snowflake look while still showing your Christmas spirit. We’d wear these pinky nude nails any time of year.


Minnie Mouse Snowflakes



For anyone who is both Disney AND winter obsessed: this Minnie Mouse manicure is for you. The golden snowflakes paired with the Minnie ears make for a magical holiday season.


Pink Ombre Snowflakes



Put a twist on the typical blue snowflake with these pink nails. They’re perfectly personalized and still just as holly-jolly.


Santa Snowflakes



Your Santa Claws will be super cute with this Christmas-inspired snowflake design. Get creative and put a different image on every nail.


Matte Burgundy Snowflakes



Now these are about as classy as snowflakes can get. Follow the matte nail trend and try a deeper shade to make the snowflakes more sophisticated and subtle.


Winter Sparkle Snowflakes



If you like neutral colors, but still want to get in the Christmas spirit, try something similar to this manicure. The dark colors make the white snowflake really pop.


Nude and White Ombre Snowflakes



This ombre fade is a classy twist on the typical French tip, and adding the snowflake makes them winter-ready.


Glittery Snowflakes



Those little white nails remind us of snowballs after a fresh snowfall. Try all white nails with an accent color, like light blue.


Pale Pink Snowflakes



We adore pale pink, and giving it a holiday twist just makes it even better. This intricate design reminds us of a holiday sweater.


Classy Snowflakes



The rosey tones of this snowflake manicure are just to die for. Try making each nail different, but following the same color scheme, for a gorgeous holiday look.


Mint and Fuschia Snowflakes



Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t use poppin’ colors. If only snowflakes could actually be fuschia.


Gold Accent Snowflakes



This manicure scream Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You,” and we aren’t complaining about it.


Black and White Snowflakes



The clear design on that middle finger is SO COOL. The black, white, and rosey nude create the perfect contrast.


Purple Snowflakes



The glittery white color in this winter mani is everything. And pairing it with the deep purple really makes it pop.


Reindeer Snowflakes



Mini reindeer… How much cuter can you get? We love that this set includes both reindeer and snowflakes, and it still looks uniform.


Pink and Gold Snowflakes



Light pink + gold = YASSS. Factor snowflakes into the mix and you’ve got yourself the ideal manicure.


Sparkly Sea Foam Snowflakes



This minty color strays away from the classic holiday green, and we love it. The glitter and sparkles give it just the right amount of sass.


Candy Cane Snowflakes



The glittery red and gold serve as a great contrast for the white designs. And that candy cane nail looks sweet enough to eat.


Pale Blue Snowflakes



We’re in love with this shade of blue, and the added jewels cascading down the sides of the nail remind us of a winter wonderland.


Neutral Snowflakes



Having a holiday-themed manicure is anything but tacky when you piece it together using neutral colors and a simple snowflake accent nail.


Red and Green Ombre Snowflakes



Show your Christmas spirit with these classic red and green hues.


Nude Accent Nail Snowflakes



Keep it simple with these nude nails and shimmery snowflake accent finger.


Royal Blue Snowflakes



Nothing says Winter and snow like royal blue. We love the unique placement of the snowflakes on this set.