These 3D Acrylic Nails Are EVERYTHING

by Sierra Burgos

These 3D Acrylic Nails Are EVERYTHING

The world of beauty is constantly evolving, and nail art is no different. What we put on the ends of our fingertips says a lot about who we are—and 3D nail designs basically say, “I’m cool as sh*t.”


Black and Nude Nails



This 3D design chooses to focus on accents, and we’re obsessed with the simple color scheme of the acrylic nails.


Intricate Webs and Flowers



These white webs are gorgeous. Plus, this is the perfect almond shape if we’ve ever seen it.


Minnie Mouse Inspired



Have the magic of Disney at your fingertips (literally) with these adorable Minnie Mouse polka dots and bows.


Bejeweled Rose and Nude



We love the jewels cascading down the sides of the nails, and the rosey nude color is to-die-for.


Pastel Cable-Knit Sweater



This take on 3D nail art mimics the pattern of a cable-knit sweater. Nails never looked so cozy.


Classy Maroon and Nude



The 3D gems and flowers perfectly compliment the matte shades in this look. Maroon and nude are amazing colors for fall!


Powerpuff Girls



Now THIS is talent. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup never looked so good.


Matte Bubblegum



These nails follow a fun and bold color trend, but they’re far simpler than some other 3D nail designs. The bubblegum pink is complemented by the minty green accent nail and sparkly bow.


Fit For Royalty



If you’re more into neutral colors, this black and white manicure is the sophisticated choice for you. Don’t forget the crown to let everyone know you’re a QUEEN.


3D Lace and Coral



First things first: THAT COLOR. *swoon* The 3D lace design adds some class to the bright hue.


Shimmery Lavender



We adore this soft mix of lavender and pearls—the accent nail screams wedding cake.


Cartoon Characters



Just in case you haven’t been impressed yet… These are nails. Actual NAILS.


Ocean Blues



This color scheme is giving us heart eyes. We love the single accent nail on the ring fingers.


Puppy Fever



Yup, that’s right—you can get 3D dogs on your nails, if you’re really that passionate about canines. These designs are doggone crazy.


Pretty Kitty



And don’t worry, cat people. There’s a 3D design for you, too!


3D Flower Design



If you’d prefer something more simple, this dark plum and gray manicure is gorgeous. The 3D accent flower is the perfect cherry-on-top.


Baby Blues



If flowers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of 3D nail design options out there. Take this sky blue and pale pink set with white pearly accents.


Hawaiian Flower Gradient



The gradient design on these nails is stunning, and we adore the flower petals on the ring finger.


Burgundy Pink Bows



THAT. BOW. Is everything. Just take our money already.


Kimoji 3D Nails



This woman was so inspired by Kim Kardashian’s line of emojis that she decided to make them into 3D nail art. Now, you don’t even have to say, “Kim, there’s people that are dying,” because your manicure says it for you.