These Sparkly Nails Are Glitter-ally To Die For

by Sierra Burgos

These Sparkly Nails Are Glitter-ally To Die For

While some choose to only bedazzle one accent nail, others go all out and add sparkle to every finger. These glittery nail designs will inspire you to *sparkle* everywhere you go.



White Glitter Ombre Nails





These classy white nails by Nail Bar & Beauty Lounge will match anything you put on. I wonder how long it took to bedazzle that ring finger.




Pink Sparkly Nails





This Anne Nails set is so iridescent, we can’t take our eyes away. That darker shade of pink is perfect for any skin tone.




Purple Sparkly Nails





This eggplant purple shade by Alicia B. is ideal for the winter months and the glitter adds a fun twist.




Rose Gold Glittery Nails





We CANNOT get enough of rose gold! These Strand Nails say, “I’m classy, but I also like to have a good time.”




Silver and Blue Glitter Nails





For a truly all-glitter manicure, an accent nail must have a bit of extra beddazzle. We love how Louise Bretherton placed bigger gems at the base of the nail to accentuate the ring fingers.




Blue Moon Glittery Nails





We’re loving this unique shade of bluish gray from Alicia B. It’s almost galactic.




Silver and Nude Ombre Nails





Forget silver and gold, silver and NUDE is the new killer combo! This Lecenté nail art proves it.




Pink Glittery Tips





Love French tips? Try this variation from Nina Koraliina, using glitter to create a colored tip.




Ice Blue Sparkly Nails





This icy blue manicure by The Brow Box looks like it belongs to Elsa herself.




Black Diamond Ombre Nails





Try this spin on the typical black nails by Sarah Van Langeraert, and add a few ombre glitter accent nails.




Coppery Orange Glitter Nails





Go for a unique shade with these pumpkin spice nails by Alicia B. The metallic sparkles certainly add a little extra spice as well.




White Sparkly Nails





These white sparkly nails by Gwazi Hair & Nails are fit for a queen—an ice queen that is. They look exactly like freshly fallen snow. Plus, the gold finger makes them even more regal.




Sea-Blue Glittery Nails





Can’t. Stop. Staring. These deep blue and playful seafoam nails by Sarah Van Langeraert remind us of the ocean.




Glittery Shades of Blue Nails





We love how each nail is different on this glittery set by Floss That Gloss, but they do have one thing in common: SPARKLES.




Mint Green Bedazzled Nails





If you like the idea of doing each nail differently, try something like Gwazi Hair & Nails did. The color stays consistent, but the glitter changes for each finger.




Red Glittery Nails





Try pumping up a classic red nail look by adding red glitter like Gemmas Nails. These are both professional and sassy.




Galaxy Glitter Nails





Go for something really unique with galaxy glitter nails like Ashton Forster. All you need is a black base and shades of blue, purple, and pink glitter.




Pale Pink Sparkly Nails





That pale pink color is gorgeous for spring, but we’d wear it all year round. Try bedazzling every other nail for a more muted sparkle like Gwazi Hair & Nails did.




Multi-Nude Sparkly Nails





We love this look by Gemmas Nails! Each neutral shade compliments the others, and they look amazing all side-by-side.




Cornflower Blue Sparkly Nails





I think I’m in love with this vibrant shade of blue on Ashton Forster. The sparkle is subtle, but that color definitely isn’t!




Blue and Lavender Ombre Nails





Follow Gemmas Nails‘s lead by mixing lavender with baby blue for an ombre the Little Mermaid would be proud of.




Bright Pink Glittery Nails





Hot pink AND glitter galore? Nail looks don’t get any more poppin’ than this bold set by Ashton Forster.




Coral Bedazzled Nails





We’re totally envious of this look by Gemmas Nails! This hot coral shade screams summer time and the glitter just makes it that much more sunny.