These Viral “Boob Manicures” Are Getting Mixed Feedback

by Hannah Marsh

These Viral “Boob Manicures” Are Getting Mixed Feedback

Nail Artist Mei Kawaijiri’s crazy boob manicures look is going viral, and people don’t know what to think.


Between fidget spinner nails, Gucci’s dipped nails, and a popsicle-lookalike manicure, crazy new nail trends have reached a high this summer, but nail artist Mei Kawajiri (@nailsbymei) is proving that we truly haven’t seen it all. Introducing: boob manicures.




The image was re-grammed by the oh-so-popular Instagram account The Shade Room, and since then has gone totally viral, garnering tons of opinions and comments from around the world—some of them more favorable than others.


The manicure features boobs of varying sizes, shapes, and skin tones all complete with a nipple, and some even including a full-out nipple piercing. Kawajiri told Allure that 3D nail art is her favorite thing to do and that creating the manicure wasn’t even that big of deal for her.


“Lots of my friends have nipple piercings,” she explained. “So I thought it would be fun and cool to do on the nail.”


We totally get why some probably wouldn’t want to rock this mani in the office, but since it has gone viral, tons of fans are begging the nail artist for a tutorial to get it on their own. It turns out that getting nipples on your nails is suprisingly simple.


Kawajiri used acrylic and gel polishes to get the full effect of a 3D boob, and she used miniature rings and bar “studs” that are painted in the middle to make them appear as though they are pierced through.


Check out Kawajiri’s Instagram for more of her incredible manicures, and check these other variations on #boobnails!




Would you rock any (or all) of these?