Try This Simple Striped Valentine’s Day Nail Art

by admin

Try This Simple Striped Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Even if Valentine's Day isn't your favorite day of the year, at least you should be able to appreciate Valentine's Day nail art! This ittle nail design is both easy to achieve and totally adorable. Try it yourself today!

Stripe Hearts

Valentine's Day—or Single's Awareness Day, if you prefer—creeps up on us again! Whether you're all about the roses, candlelit dinners, and chocolates or would rather spend the night at home with your pooch, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to go a little overboard on your nail art. Celebrate the day with a simple nail tutorial like this one, or go for something a little more complex. There are so many possibilities out there! Plus, you could mix up the colors in this design, and wear it throughout the year.

To get started, you'll need a base coat, a light pink polish, a Barbie pink polish, a dark pink or red polish, and a topcoat, plus a striping brush, which is just a longer nail art brush. You can find these on Amazon or eBay for very little money.

Stripe Hearts: Step 1

1. After applying a base coat, paint your nails with a light pink base color. I used OPI's Let Me Bayou A Drink.

Stripe Hearts: Step 2

2. Using a striping brush, carefully draw stripes down your nail in the Barbie pink polish. I love OPI's Suzi Nails New Orleans for this. If you struggle to keep the brush steady, the best thing is to move your nail with the brush rather than just moving the brush alone. If you can't do this, just use striping tape to mark out your stripes, paint over the tape, and then remove it.

Stripe Hearts: Step 3

3. Using the tip of your brush, carefully draw hearts up the side of your nail in red or dark pink. I used OPI's She's a Bad Muffaletta. Start with the left curve of the heart first, then add the right curve, and finish with the tip of the heart for an even design. Finish off with a topcoat to lock in your design. Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat is my favorite.