Water Marbling for the First Time

by Jenna

Water Marbling for the First Time

I recently discovered the nail polish trend that’s been sweeping across the Internet on YouTube and Pinterest. This trend is called “Water Marbling.” The technique is directly implied by the name – you use water to achieve a marbled nail polish look on your nails.


Water Marbling for the First Time


The technique is relatively simple, though quite time consuming. You’ll need a few items on hand in order to water marble.

Tools Required:


  • Scotch tape
  • White nail polish for base coat (optional)
  • Several colours of nail polish (between 2-5)
  • A container, cup, or bowl (ideally plastic that can be thrown away or saved for future water marble usage) filled with tap water
  • Several toothpicks
  • Tissue or paper towel


Now, let me take you through the steps:


1) Apply a Base Coat
Your water marble effect will be more vibrant if you apply a white base color to your nails before you start.


2) Prep your nails
First you need to prepare your nails for the polish. You will need to apply tape to your entire finger around the nail, because you are going to be dipping your finger in a bowl of water, and you don’t want any nail polish to get on your finger. Trust me when I say it will be a lot easier to take the extra time to do this taping step, than it will be to remove nail polish from your skin afterwards.


3) Open the Bottles of Nail Polish
Once you’ve chosen your colours, open the bottles ahead of time to save time, because you’ll need to work quickly.


4) Drop Nail Polish into the Water, one drop at a time
Take a glob of nail polish on the brush and place a drop into the water. It should spread out in a circular shape. Take another colour of polish and do the same. Keep repeating this process several times until you have a bullseye pattern in your bowl of water, but remember to work quickly.


5) Make your Design
Use your toothpick to drag the polish into a marbled design. Do this very lightly, without placing the toothpick all the way into the dish, otherwise the polish will get stuck to the toothpick.


6) Dip your Nails
Now, find an area in the water that has a nice pattern, and dip your finger into the polish, with your nail facing downward so the nail hits the polish first. Submerge your nail so it is fully underwater. You can save time by dipping two nails at once if you’d like.


7) Clean Up and Repeat
With your nail still underwater, use your toothpick to swirl the film of polish remaining on the surface of the water, and drag it away from your finger. Wipe the toothpick with a paper towel and remove your nail. Dump out the water and refill it, then repeat the process.


8) Remove Tape
When all your nails are complete, remove the tape from your fingers and tidy up any leaks that may have occurred using nail polish remover.


9) Apply a Top Coat
Finish off the manicure with a top coat, and you’re all set to rock your new water marble look!