Pinterest’s Best DIY Beauty Recipes Using Honey

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Pinterest’s Best DIY Beauty Recipes Using Honey

Although there are tons of health benefits to honey, nature's nectar also holds the power to transform your looks. We scoured Pinterest and some of our favorite blogs searching for the best DIY recipes. From face masks to soap bars, here are the best ways to use honey to beautify yourself.


Honey Almond Soap Bar



Treat yourself during your shower with one of this soap bar recipe by Gabby from Mom Makes Joy. The oats help exfoliate while the other components smooth and polish, leaving you feeling refreshed.


Oatmeal Honey Scrub



We love this idea from Deliciously Ella because it’s a one-step process with ingredients you already have lying around. For this mask, mash together bananas, honey and oats into a bowl. Once your ingredients come together, smear it onto your face and leave on for an hour.


Honey Lip Balm



It doesn’t matter the season, lips always deserve some TLC. Give it to them with this homemade lip balm from Frugal Family Home. You’ll only need a few ingredients to mix together two tins of lip balm will last you an entire season.


Honey Shampoo



Honey and warm water. Those are the only ingredients you need to create Katie’s honey shampoo. But be warned, using this magic elixir means no need for conditioner—be sure to skip the extra product unless you want oily strands.


Milk And Honey Oatmeal Bath Bomb



That’s right, even one the trendiest beauty products can incorporate nature’s golden nectar. This bath bomb recipe can be found on A Beautiful Life, but it’s your basic fizzing DIY: baking soda, citric acid, and some extra items for scent and softening.


Brown Sugar Lip Scrub



You’ll love how brown sugar exfoliates your lips while honey and coconut oil soften with this lip scrub by Emma. You can get the full tutorial on her blog, Crafting (E), but with only three ingredients, we promise it’s one of the easiest DIYs on our list.


Honey Pumpkin Face Mask



Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice! Now you can take your favorite fall flavor and use it in your new favorite face mask. We knew honey worked wonders for the skin, but pumpkin’s benefits had eluded us. Head over to Mary’s blog, Mary Makes Good, to learn more of its beauty-boosting secrets.


Honey Oat Epsom Soak



Bath bombs are great for relaxation, but this Epsom soak from Dear Crissy not only softens and relaxes you, but it also helps to heal your sore muscles and skin ailments. Crissy includes a few drops of essential oils into her soaks, but if you wanna save, all you need are the salts and oats.


Lavender Honey Face Mask



Simply Quinoa has us obsessing over this amazing honey and cinnamon face mask. Seriously, you’re going to love it—especially how hydrating it is.


Honey Body Butter



This body butter from Sincerely Kinsey looks good enough to eat! But don’t, because in addition to almond oil and Shea butter, this lotion also uses wax—we don’t have to tell you how unpleasant that would be. Instead, stick to pampering your outside with it after a hot bath or shower.


Honey And Coconut Hair Mask



Get ready for bright, shiny and soft hair thanks to Sophie over at Radish to Wear. Mix coconut oil and honey and apply to every strand on your head. Leave the mask on overnight for the best results. Bonus: Your hair will smell amazing after.


Honey Oatmeal Soap Bar



This handmade soap not only works great for you, but you can also whip up some for your friends, family, or even coworkers as a DIY gift. The brilliant blogger behind A Pumpkin and a Princess even used a honeycomb-shaped soap mold to make this DIY treat extra adorable.


Honey Lip Moisturizer



Your lips will thank you whenever you smear on this DIY lip moisturizer from Our Homemade Life. With three simple ingredients (honey, beeswax, coconut oil) you can make this balm over and over again. It would also make great party favors!


Honey Chamomile Toner



Another honey-inspired cosmetic from Mary Makes Good, this toner utilizes apple cider vinegar and chamomile tea to help even out your skin tone. The good news is it’ll last for 30 days. The bad new is, well, nothing. Get ready to fall in love!


Honey Hair Smoothie



Hair smoothies help deep condition your tresses naturally. And this DIY from Dana takes moisturizing to a whole new level. It’s natural ingredients give you a softening treatment that store products can’t imitate. Not to mention you probably own all of the ingredients already.


Honey And Vanilla Bubble Bath



After a long day at the office, you need to take care of yourself. And Stephanie from Hello Glow created your new secret weapon: bubble bath. With its delicious scent, you’ll be whisked away to carefree days of sun and relaxation. Oh and don’t forget to bring a glass of wine—you earned it.


Honey Foaming Face Cleaner



It’s hard to find the perfect facial cleanser, we know. But with this idea from mother and daughter/blogger, Jessica, you can say goodbye to expensive store-bought washes and hello to an organic, affordable facial cleanser. Honey, oil, and water replace the standard chemicals and work together to purify your pores.


Orange And Honey Body Wash



What could be more refreshing, or gentle on your skin, than a homemade honey body wash?. Head over to My Mom Made That to get the full tutorial and thank us later.


Milk And Honey Bath Melts



Ancient Egyptians knew the power of milk and honey, and now you can too with this affordable DIY from Bren Did. Bath melts differ from bath bombs because they act as pockets of moisturizer—meaning the instant they hit the water, they release oils that soften and heal dry, itchy skin.