The Pillowcases You Need to Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated All Winter

by Caroline Harris

The Pillowcases You Need to Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated All Winter
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We all wish we could wake up glowing with flawless skin and freshly blown-out hair. In reality, mornings can be a little rough. Sometimes “beauty sleep” doesn’t seem to do its job. You wake up to hair that’s dry and tangled. And somehow, those fine lines seem to be showing more than they were yesterday. The problem could be with your pillow.


Cotton pillowcases are a breeding ground for bacteria. They collect the oil and dirt that’s on your skin then transfer it back to you. That’s why if you go a couple weeks without washing your pillowcase, you may notice you have more blackheads or blemishes than usual. In addition to exacerbating acne-prone skin, cotton pillowcases soak up moisture as you sleep, leaving you with dryer, potentially irritated skin and hair. Your nighttime moisturizer is also less effective if it’s getting absorbed more into your pillow than your skin.


The solution? Opt for a silk or satin pillowcase. Because they’re less absorbent than cotton, the result is better hydrated skin and hair. Furthermore, a silk or satin surface reduces friction to minimize hair breakage, and the smoother texture creates less frizz for more great hair days. They’re also hypoallergenic and draw in less pore-clogging bacteria. For side sleepers, silk or satin pillowcases reduce skin creases and can even help prevent wrinkles.


From a purely aesthetic standpoint, making the switch also makes sense. Silk and satin pillowcases look more luxurious than their cotton counterparts — and they are! From dreamy purple to satin pink options, these pillowcases immediately elevate your decor.


How do you decide between a satin versus silk pillowcase? Most options are either charmeuse silk or polyester satin. Silk is a fiber formed by silkworms, while satin is a fabric weave (and therefore blended with other materials). As you can probably guess, polyester satin is a blend of both polyester and satin. Charmeuse silk is made purely from silk, and it’s known for its lustrous look and soft feel.


Because silk is harder to produce, it’s considered a luxury product and comes with a heftier price tag. Compared to satin, silk is more lightweight and breathable. Silk is also smoother and more delicate, typically requiring a careful handwashing. Both silk and satin pillowcases boast many beauty benefits, so you really can’t go wrong. Silk is slightly more absorbent than satin, though, so for moisturizing benefits satin pillowcases are your best friend.


Snooze your way to smoother hair and skin by shopping our picks of best silk and satin pillowcases below. Sweet dreams!


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Bedsure Satin Pillowcase


A common misconception about satin pillowcases is that they have to be really expensive. This Amazon option for $8.99 shows that’s simply not the case. The pillowcase features a hidden zipper and an amazing selection of 25 colors to choose from. Scoop up a shade that matches your existing decor, and catch some ZZZs in style. For best results, wash your pillowcase weekly, and prevent wrinkles by carefully folding your pillowcase when you’re not using it.

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Best Affordable Option

Target Morning Glamour Satin Solid Pillowcase 600 Thread Count


For soft and shiny hair, reach for this satin pillowcase. It’s non-absorbent so your hair and skin will hold onto their natural moisture. To clean, machine wash your pillowcase in cold water with mild liquid detergent on a gentle cycle. Then tumble dry using a low heat setting and a dryer sheet. Make sure to separate your satin pillowcase from rougher fabrics to keep it looking lovely.

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Best Satin Option

Slip Silk Pillowcase


Slip Silk Pillowcases are renowned within the beauty world for preventing sleep creases and knotted hair. This pillowcase is made of mulberry silk, which is the highest quality silk out there. The product is also machine washable, but slide it into a lingerie bag for best results. It’s a little pricey, but you’ll love the glow-up in your hair and skin.

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Best Splurge

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin


If you’re in the market for a silk pillowcase, meet your match. This mulberry silk option is an amazing value with anti-aging and hydrating benefits. There’s a hidden zipper closure, and it’s organic. Wake up with hair that’s tangle-free and skin that’s soft and supple. Say “goodbye” to bedhead!

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Best Silk Option

Unique Bargains Set of 2 Luxury Satin Pillowcase


Liven up dull skin and hair with this top-rated pillowcase. This set of two means you won’t have to do laundry as frequently, which is always a plus. Not only are these pillowcases soft to the touch, they protect your hair and clear your complexion. Make sure to take off all your makeup before you go to sleep to keep the satin looking fresh.