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15 Calming Beauty Products You Need Right Now

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15 Calming Beauty Products You Need Right Now

Breathe in, breathe out. Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up to help keep you moving forward. These beauty products are guaranteed to help you find your Zen and get back to feeling like yourself in no time.


Aromafloria Stress Less Bubble Bath, $12.50



Nothing is quite as calming as a bubble bath, and Aromafloria seems to have it figured out. Their foaming bubble bath helps relieve physical and emotional strain through notes of lavender to relax, chamomile to rejuvenate, and sage to relieve mental fatigue. *Cue the ahhh*

To buy: $12.50, Beauty Encounter

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Organic Headache Relief Rub, $7.75



Infused with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic peppermint leaves, TheCreativeRedBarn‘s headache relief rub is everything you need on the go. Boasting cooling, refreshing, and invigorating elements, the rub combines peppermint, basil, and eucalyptus to help combat headache, and tension. Rub on your temples and pressure points to let the soothing smell work its magic.

To buy: $7.75, Etsy


Aromatherapy Body Mist, $15



A refreshing body mist can help boost body, mind, and mood with simply a few spritzes. A spray with notes of eucalyptus can help clear the mind, and the refreshing spearmint helps bring a sense of calm.

To buy: $15, Bath & Body Works

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Aveda Stress Reducing Body Lotion, $12



This lotion is clinically proven to help relieve stress, and that's a calm we definitely need. The lavender and sage help provide a sense of peace, and sage is credited to help reduce mental fatigue.

To buy: $12, Nordstrom

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Beeswax Aromatherapy Calming Candle, $6



These candles found on FarmersDaughterGifts' Etsy shop page are meant to bring the best all-natural products and combine them in a way to help provide a sense of calm. Lavender is meant to help calm, and the beeswax candle base burns longer and cleaner. Plus, the beeswax releases negative ions, which will clean allergens and dust as it helps clear your mind.

To buy: $6, Etsy

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Revival Calming Body Scrub, $13.99



There's nothing as relaxing as scrubbing away the day, and this lavender-infused scrub is a dream. Formulated with natural ingredients, including coconut oil and sugar, this grape seed calming scrub is all you need to help feel rejuvenated in no time.

To buy: $13.99, Overstock

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Stress Relief Roll-On Essential Oils, $11.39



Sometimes all we need in a day is a moment to take a breather, and these roll-on essential oils from GreenEnvyCosmetics on Etsy are perfect for those moments on-the-go. Roll the oil on your wrists, side of your neck, and collarbone to help feel the calming effects instantly.

To buy: $11.39, Etsy

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Stress Relief Body Butter, $10



All-natural body butter combines the moisturizing benefits of shea butter with a relaxing blend of essential oils. OrganicBeautyJunkie's body butter uses hints of lavender, patchouli, peppermint, sweet basil, and roman chamomile in a scent that's as dreamy as it is relaxing.

To buy: $10.00, Etsy

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Yumscents Bath Bomb, $5.70



Bath bombs are not only a blast to use, but this bath bomb, in particular, has a blend of all-natural essential oils to add an extra bit of calm to your bath routine.

To buy: $5.70, Amazon

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Stress Relief Soap, $6.50



This soap from UrbanSoapsmith on Etsy is actually designed to melt the stress away. The soap is infused with peppermint — even finely ground peppermint leaves — to clean, calm, and exfoliate. Plus, it contains shea butter to leave your skin feeling ah-mazing.

To buy: $6.50, Etsy

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Herbal Sleep Pillow, $11.95



This will help you have the best dreams. Gardenmis on Etsy designed a simple yet effective way to help you drift to sleep in peace. Breathe in organic hops, marjoram, and mugwort as you place this pillow near your bed, and the herbal aromatherapy will help de-stress as you sleep.

To buy: $11.95, Etsy


Mint Lip Balm, $2.10



This lip balm works double time. The organic beeswax will help keep your lips smooth, and the burst of mint will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

To buy: $2.10, Pure Formulas

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Aroma-Based Shampoo And Conditioner, $17.82



This soothing shampoo not only works wonders with its replenishing hydration but the aroma-based ingredients — including tea tree, lavender, and mint — will help revitalize your senses as you shower.

To buy: $17.82, Walmart

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Essential Oil Shower Steamer, $3.50



Not able to use bath bombs because you, well, don’t have a bath? You can still have a relaxing experience with GlowBodyandSoul‘s shower steamers. Simply place the steamer in your shower (just not directly under the stream of water), and let the aromatherapy do the rest. With lemongrass, peppermint, and rosemary-based scents, there’s truly something for anyone.

To buy: $3.50, Etsy


Stress and Tension Mineral Bath Soak, $4.99



This is the perfect way to restore and relax after a long day. The powerful blend of essential oils and extracts include juniper, orange, and cooling menthol. Sea salt and Epsom salt help relax muscles, and each jar should last you ten amazing baths.

To buy: $4.99, Target

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