#Skin Care

22 Epic Tattoo Ideas That Prove Underboob Is The New Cleavage

by Alyssa K. Priebe

With crop tops remaining in the fashion spotlight a new tattoo trend emerges. Get ready because these inks will have you looking at your boobs in a whole new way.


Point Taken


flower bow and arrow underboob tattoo

This beautiful tat designed by Raul Sousa decorates not only your underboob, but your cleavage as well. We love its tough, but girly vibe with the strong arrow but soft, feminine flowers.


Perfect Line


bat sternum tattoo


Hot Rod Tattooing is known for their creative ink, but this bat may be the coolest use of underboob space since crop tops.




beauty and the beast sternum tattoo


We can’t help but obsess over this “Beauty and the Beast” inspired ink. Kody Chapman uses the enchanted rose in a whole new way, and we can’t help but fall in love.


Love Birds


classic style bird sternum tattoo


With its tiny birds, small jewels, and oval design, this tattoo from Ravenink Tattoo Club matches any vintage-lover’s style.


Branch Out


cherry blossom underboob tattoo


This cherry blossom design by Lara Inez keeps things simple but still looks absolutely stunning—especially with one on each side.


The Cat’s Meow


cat in a crown sternum tattoo

What better way to show your appreciation of felines then getting one inked permanently? Priscila Sanches designed this beaut, and honestly we think this is one pussy no one would dare grab.


Add Color


lotus flower and mandala jeweled sternum tattoo


Sure, most tattoos are black, but adding a little color like Danny Topol can add a lot to your ink. Just look at that purple and teal combo—gorgeous.


Take Direction


compass sternum tattoo


Never wonder which way North is again. OK, maybe it won’t work like that, but hey this compass design by Jason Louiselle does point ya in the right direction for an epic tattoo.


Light As A Feather


feather and lavender branch underboob tattoo


Ms. Dixies Tattoo knows a thing or two about how to decorate a space. The feather’s curves follow your breast’s shape, creating a beautiful line and giving you a reason to show a little side boob (not that you really need one).


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


diamond geometric sternum tattoo


Do you love all things sparkly? Then you need to think about this ink by Andreas Olsson, which puts our favorite jewel front and center.


Plant It


two leaf clover sternum tattoo


Black Line Studio featured this beaut on their Instagram, and we can see why. It’s intricate detail reminds us why we love tattoos in the first place: the options are endless!


Just Add Water


mermaid underboob tattoo


Not gonna lie, we wish we were mermaids. But since we aren’t sprouting tails or gaining amazing flowy hair, we think this design by Shyla Marie Lott is the next best way to show our favorite mythical creatures some love.


Four Points


ornamental dotwork sternum tattoo


You can thank Valnei Santos for this design inspo. We certainly appreciate his clever use of the four corners. And just look at the pointillism detailing!


Pet Love


paw prints underboob tattoo


If you have a furry friend that means the world to you, try out Alessandro Caforio’s idea and get their paw prints inked on permanently. Now your pet can always be with you.


Pretty Designs


hanging geometric ornamental sternum tattoo


Not all tatts have meanings, sometimes they are there to simply look pretty—which is the exact purpose of this design from Cult Tattoo. And boy does it achieve it.


Religious Pride


star of david sternum tattoo


Showing your religious pride become easy with simple designs like this Star of David by Getsy Torres. It’s small enough to not be screaming at someone, but strong enough to prove you’re proud of your faith. Other ideas: small crosses, crescent and star, yin and yang.


Thornless Rose


rose sternum tattoo


Roses are red, violets are blue, we adore this tattoo, how about you? For real though, Emma Louise James got this design and we are obsessing. The leaves, the jewels, the petals… everything just looks gorgeous.


Birth Stone


lace and diamond sternum tattoo


We know the sapphire on Jaeden Helgason isn’t her birth stone, but we think this idea could easily represent your special month by using different colors (like peridot for August). However, the blue is a stunner on its own, so you do you girl!


Empowering Reminders


you are so much more script underboob tattoo


Fae Swim featured this inspiring message, and we can’t thank them enough. Tattooing a favorite empowering quote is a great way to remind yourself—and anyone else privileged enough to see it—just how special you are.


Intricate Spider


large spider sternum tattoo


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t necessarily love the idea of eight hairy legs crawling on us, but we gotta admit this design by Mitch Kirilo is seriously sick. Just look at the detail!




mountains and sunflower sternum tattoo


Another creation by Ms. Dixies Tattoos, this tattoo has us ready to travel. Or, instead of inking a place you want to go, ink a favorite destination. The beach, Colorado, a new country—it doesn’t matter where, document it and remember it forever.