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This $19 K-Beauty Cleanser Removes Absolutely Everything in Its Path

by InStyle

This $19 K-Beauty Cleanser Removes Absolutely Everything in Its Path

It’s no wonder a tub of it sells every three seconds.

This story originally appeared on Instyle.com by Laura Reilly.

When we think of K-beauty, seven-step routines and overcrowded shelfies may come to mind, but “more products = better” isn’t always the skincare philosophy’s M.O. One such dual-purpose product, Banila Co’s Clean It Zero Double Cleansing Balm, successfully combines your makeup remover and cleanser steps, and it’s so popular, one tub is actually sold every three seconds.

This cleansing balm has a sherbert-like texture when in its pleasing, pastel container, and transforms into an oil when applied to skin. As an oil, Clean it Zero picks up everything foreign on your face, including makeup, dirt, pollution, and excess sebum, gently dislodging it from your skin.

When you add water to the equation, the cleansing oil takes on a milky, slightly foamy quality due to the emulsifiers in the formula. These emulsifiers mean the mixture will rinse clean, leaving behind moisturized, clean skin without any sticky residue typical of other facial oils.

The oil-based nature of this product makes it a powerful antithesis to your stubborn waterproof makeup, especially compared to water-based makeup removers like micellar water (which tend to leave behind traces and require follow-up cleansing products).

Banila Co’s Clean it Zero Double Cleansing Balm was already a hugely popular product overseas before it landed stateside last year, and it has since grown a loyal domestic following. With over 1,000 near-perfect reviews on Amazon, the consensus on this product is overwhelmingly positive.

“I was so afraid to use an oil-based cleanser with my oily skin, but after reading about Korean oil-based cleansers and how they work to dissolve oil, makeup, and oil based contaminants in the skin, I decided to give this a try,” writes one reviewer. “I am so glad I did. This cleanser is really amazing for my oily, sensitive skin and it does not cause breakouts at all. If anything, it has helped to improve the condition of my skin to prevent them. My skin has never looked better.”

To further suit individual skin’s needs, this gentle balm comes in four varieties: Original, Revitalizing, Purifying, and Nourishing. The highly sought-after cleansing balm in the original formula is currently sold out, except for third-party Amazon sellers. Of course, for those eager to try the OG balm, you can still pick up the popular cleanser in the super size. Shop the cleanser that sells every three seconds from just $19.

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