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Beauty Guru Reveals Her Biggest Secret: Skincare

by Emily Gregor

Beauty Guru Reveals Her Biggest Secret: Skincare

Vlogger Jaclyn Hill just released her Skincare 2015 video and she’s finally ready to dish out her skincare secrets. Beat the winter beauty blues while improving the look and feel of your skin with these skin-saving tips and products.







In her latest YouTube video, beauty guru Jaclyn Hill revealed her biggest secret: It’s all about the skincare. With winter just around the corner, keeping your skin healthy is more important than ever. Staying hydrated and eating healthy goes a long way, but the products you put on your skin can make a huge difference too.


Rethinking what you’re putting on your skin can not only help your skin feel better, but it can improve the vitality of your skin in the long run as well. Jaclyn herself claims her skincare routine has completely transformed her skin, even to the point where her naturally dry skin has started producing oil, which she says will help in the aging process. Here are her time-tested steps to clear and beautiful skin.



1. Cleanse. When it comes to cleansing, be sure to use a gentle cleanser that will remove your makeup without irritating your skin. Jaclyn recommends her personal favorite, Philosophy Purity, a one-step facial cleanser, for a quick, effective cleanse perfect for sensitive skin.



2. Brighten. Improve the texture of your skin with a brightening skincare formula, like Sanitas brightening peel pads. Use one in the morning and at night, or if you have sensitive skin, Jaclyn suggests only using one at night to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve dark spots, and minimize the look of pores.



3. Hydrate. Use a hydrating spray followed by a gel moisturizer to both plump your skin and maintain the plasticity of your skin. Jaclyn uses Bio2 cosmeceuticals, first the patented Amino-Plex oxygen spray followed by the Aminosome Moisture Gel.



4. Prevent Aging. Prevent and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles with a serum chock full of essential peptides and nutrients. Jaclyn uses Sanitas PeptiDerm Anti-aging Serum in the morning and she rotates between a nourishing Vita-Rich Serum and a Vita-C Serum, both also by Sanitas, in the evenings. Pro tip: use anti-aging serums for your eyes and lips too in the morning before you put your makeup on to help prevent fine lines and creasing in the delicate skin around your eyes and lips.



5. Moisturize. Use a thick moisturizer in the evening that is filled with vitamins, like the Sanitas Vita-Rich Nighttime moisturizer, to help you replenish your skin while you sleep. In the morning, use a lighter moisturizer, (brownie points if it has SPF,) to hydrate your skin and get ready for your day.



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