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Best Acne Treatment for Every Kind of Breakout

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Best Acne Treatment for Every Kind of Breakout

Clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads—the gang's all here! Summer is a time when our skin is prone to misbehave. If you're like me, you have pretty dry skin all winter and then it slowly starts producing more oil when higher temps hit. Zits start cropping up and rearing their ugly heads quite literally. What can you do besides complain? You can treat your acne with a variety of anti-acne spot treatments, cleansers and lotions. Find your best acne treatment to bust blemishes both large and small!


Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer



This is both highly effective and affordable, a win-win! For $18, the 2-percent salicylic acid formula is a bargain (and one that’s often overlooked)! It’s hard to find an anti-acne moisturizer that has enough power to really fight blemishes but also moisturize efficiently. All of Sephora’s skincare products incorporate the exclusive HydroSenn+, which encourages moisture to bind to the skin and helps with moisture retention. I find this to be one of the best products in the Sephora skincare collection.


Peter Thomas Roth Theraputic Sulfur Mask



For the very toughest, most stubborn, most painful of breakouts, this potent sulfur mask will be your BFF! It packs a hefty amount of acne-busting sulfur—10 percent—plus pore-decongesting kaolin clay and soothing aloe vera. You’ll likely want to steer clear if you have dry or sensitive skin, but if you’re ready to bring in the big guns, this is it!


Murad Acne Clearing Solution



This is a newer product from Murad’s acne line, and it’s perfect for what I like to call “maintenance” or preventative measures. The week before your period, or when traveling, you need a little extra help to keep pores clear. With a low amount of salicylic acid—.5 percent—this is gentle enough for everyday wear or at night.


Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment



I love this clear treatment because it’s suitable for wearing under makeup. It contains one of my favorite gentle anti-acne ingredients: willow bark. Willow bark is actually a natural form of salicylic acid. It also has the naturally antibacterial clove. This formula is very gentle but effective overnight.


Kate Somerville EradiKate



If you can’t get your hands on the famous Mario Badescu drying lotion, this is a great stand-in. It’s fast-acting, and though you can’t wear it in public as it looks like calamine lotion, it goes to work right away shrinking those large red bumps. Be careful to heed the warnings on the bottle, and do not shake it! You want the product to maintain the separation; you’ll dip a cotton swab in all the way to touch the sulfur at the bottom.


Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix



This spot treatment is great for those red blemishes that feel sore and painful. When I apply this treatment at night, the bump is noticeably smaller and flatter by morning. I love this because it doesn’t have a strong chemical smell like many acne treatments. It actually smells quite pleasant, and the texture is thin enough to wear under makeup. I’ve been using this a lot lately, and I’ve been so glad to have it on hand!


Philosophy Clear Days Ahead



This 2-percent salicylic acid treatment is well suited for oily skin and persistent breakouts. The high amount of salicylic acid wouldn’t be ideal for a person with dry or sensitive skin, but for those who need to step up their SA game, this will put them in the clear in no time!