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Freshen Up Your Face with Expert Tips from Dr. Brandt Skincare

by Jin Moon

Freshen Up Your Face with Expert Tips from Dr. Brandt Skincare
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It’s that time of year again. The weather gets colder, and your skin gets increasingly dry. Is your face suffering because you’re too busy to stop and self care on the regular? Even if you’re not that busy, maybe you just don’t know what steps you need to take or what products to purchase for your skin type? 


Don’t worry. There’s a way to have fun with self-care skincare, and it’s a fairly affordable investment that will repay itself over time. In other words, buy the products, and DIY! (Ultimately after several uses, it will be cheaper than getting facials at the spa.) 


“Wellness is a mix of everything we do — it’s about looking at your lifestyle and how all the pieces are connected,” said Dr. Brandt CEO Stephane Colleu. “Integrative dermatology allows us to look at how all wellness aspects are interrelated to skin health, which is interesting because those who feel better and take care of themselves will look better and live longer.”


Luckily for us, Diana Lendzion, who is Dr. Brandt’s Director of Education, shared her expert tips on how to take care of your face with these five skincare products from the brand. 


I tried all of her advice myself and couldn’t believe how expensive my skin felt afterwards. It was an easy pamper session that left me giddy and unable to stop touching my face in disbelief. Now it’s your turn to try. Read on, and follow each of these five steps below.



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Clean Biotic


Lendzion says, “With dry hands and a dry face, massage cleanser all over face including eyes, Really target your eye makeup, and add water to activate. Massage and repeat until skin is completely clean. You can start at your jawline and work up to the cheeks, T-Zone and forehead. Use upward and circular motions on the face to manipulate the pores, helping the dirt and makeup dissolve.”

The yogurt cleanser has a nice, thick consistency. It feels like it’s also moisturizing your face at the same time that it’s removing all the dirt and makeup. There’s an elated feeling of skin purity afterwards that’s hard to describe.

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Cleanse Your Face



“On dampened skin, add a dime-sized amount, and gently massage onto skin for one to two minutes avoiding the eye area. Use a cold or hot towel to remove, and fan off excess microdermabrasion crystals with a brush,” says Lendzion.

This microdermabrasion is powerful and shouldn’t be done too often as it might irritate your skin. The crystals accomplish a strong exfoliation. It really feels fresh and light like a layer has been lifted from your face.

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Gently Buff Your Skin

Magnetight Age Defier


Lendzion says, “Apply a thin layer all over the face, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wrap the accompanying magnet with a tissue, and hover magnet just above the mask to remove. A layer of peptide serum will remain on the skin. Massage that serum into your skin for another minute.”

It’s pretty amazing that the gray mask just flies off your face and sticks on to the tissue wrapped magnet. I wrapped it in a paper towel so for more sturdiness when pulling the magnet off. It feels like a magic trick. As you massage the serum into your skin, your face is so soft and velvety. It feels like luxury!

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Treat with a Serum

Needles No More - No More Baggage


“Use an amount the size of a grain of rice per eye. Tap under the eye, focusing on puffiness. Extend in an upward motion past the outer end of the eye to give a lift. Wait five minutes to fully activate. DO NOT RUB!” says Lendzion.

It’s pretty self explanatory and very easy to do. Just note that the gel comes out super slow so be patient and gently squeeze out a tiny amount.

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Smooth Out Puffs

Pores No More - Pore Refiner Primer


Lendzion says, “Take one to two pumps and smooth onto your skin to absorb excess oil, diminish the look of pores and even skin tone. It will leave a matte finish.”

This last part perfectly finishes off the at-home DIY facial treatment. It leaves your skin matte and primed for the rest of your beauty routine. Or, if you prefer, keep it natural, and skip the makeup. Either way, you can use the primer throughout the day for little touch ups on shine.