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Emoji Face Masks Are Your Skin’s New (Creepy) BFF

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Emoji Face Masks Are Your Skin’s New (Creepy) BFF

Taiwan-based brand Petite Amie Skincare added emoji sheet masks to their products, and Instagrammers are loving them.

No need to get a Halloween mask this year, these emoji face masks will do just the trick! Just kidding. (Kind of.)

Ever since sheet masks were introduced as an ideal way to give some lovin' to your skin, it was only a matter of time until they started coming out with fun looks to put on the front. Taiwan-based brand Petite Amie Skincare has officially gotten into the game by releasing a new collection of emoji sheet masks, and Instagram users are having a total ball.



This is what it looks like sooooooo funny and scary. Lol. #beautymask #emojimask #beauty #beautyday

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While there is no denying that they are quite a bit more terrifying that those cute emoji faces we send via text, the masks come with a variety of benefits that match the emoji they are created after to result in skin that looks and feels flawless.



Post run, face mask time! Finally using my emoji masque from @pressednc! I'm all heart eyes for it 😍😍

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For example, the angry emoji mask (the "Cooling Masque") targets redness and helps refresh the skin after sun exposure, the scared emoji mask (the "Scream Masque") helps tighten the skin as if the two hands were literally pulling your skin taut, and the blushing emoji (the "Blush Masque") is best to treat redness and sensitive skin! We love how fitting all of the benefits are to the moods of each mask. Truly brilliant.


😂creepy but cute #facemask #lifewithpeach #emoji #emojimovie #emojifacemask

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Can't wait to try out the masks for yourself? Find your emoji (and treatment) of choice from Petite Amie Skincare's website for $10 apiece. Both epic and terrifying, you are going to definitely want to give these IRL emojis a try!