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Four Tips for Healthier Skin This Winter

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Four Tips for Healthier Skin This Winter

It's no question that winter takes a toll on your skin. If you want to keep your skin looking great and hydrated even amid flurries and chills, here are four of our best winter skincare tips.

Holiday parties and peppermint mochas aside, winter is harsh. Between frigid temperatures, blustering winds, and dry central air inside, winter weather conditions don't do our skin any favors. Keep your skin glowing with our four best tips proven to get you through the winter.

1. Eat your vegetables

Next time you're at the store, fill up your cart with fish, flax, olive oil, eggs, and avocados, which are all full of the healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. These help build up and protect your skin's natural oil barrier and are key to keeping your skin hydrated.

Also, make sure you're stocked full of recipes with dark leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. These vegetables help maintain healthy skin thanks to the high volume of vitamin C.

2. Sleep with a humidifier

Between the cool temperatures and the cold wind, the elements can be very drying to your skin. When you're outdoors, keep your face covered with a soft scarf, and sleep with your humidifier on at night.

Nine out of 10 dermatologists surveyed at the 2015 World Congress of Dermatology Conference, which took place in Vancouver, B.C, in Canada, recommended using a humidifier at night to help combat dry skin—which is a huge problem in the winter months.

Humidity can soothe and prevent dry skin and alleviate the itchiness that can come along with it. Find a humidifier, like the Dyson Humidifier that can run all night and isn't too loud to disrupt your sleep.

3. Wear sunscreen

It's in the name, but don't let it fool you. Sunscreen isn't just for use when it's super sunny, but you should be applying it every day—even in the winter. The temperature may be cold, but the sun's rays are still bouncing all over the place, reflecting off the bright snow and affecting your skin. Applying sunscreen daily, like Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion, which has an SPF of 15, is gentle enough for everyday application.

Remember that if you're outside playing with your children or flying fast down the ski slopes, you need to reapply your SPF every two hours!

4. Hydrate your skin

Your skin needs some extra TLC during the winter, and that's where hydration come in. Washing your face with some extra ingredients like Greek yogurt, avocado, milk, and bananas or applying a homemade face mask can give your skin that winter glow it's looking for. If you prefer using a product that will moisturize your skin leaving it refreshed, try a lightweight moisturizer that won't clog your pores, like Burt's Bee Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream.