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Game-Changing Beauty Tools We Can’t Live Without

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Game-Changing Beauty Tools We Can’t Live Without

Like most things in our modern lives, technology has changed the game. This is true of our skincare routine, too! If you're a high-tech gadget lover, why not supercharge your beauty arsenal? These are some of the coolest and most-effective high-tech beauty tools!


Baby Quasar



I once visited a spa in Dallas where you could lie in lawn chairs under infrared light to improve your skin. Now this device brings that process to your home! Harness the power of red and infrared light therapy to accelerate the growth of healthy skin cells by 150-200 percent for an anti-aging, wrinkle-killing machine. The Baby Quasar helps to both prevent and treat current wrinkles and is totally painless! They also make a blue light version to help with acne. Talk about a blue light special!


Bliss Fabulous Pout-o-matic Spa Powered Lip-Perfecting System



As we enter winter, our lips can get so dry that our chapped lips have chapped lips! The flakes will ruin any lip look, and they simply must be stopped. The Pout-o-Matic exfoliating tool and sugar scrub work in conjunction with each other to rid lips of any signs of scales! Plus, it’s just kinda fun, amiright?





I haven’t washed my face for 3 years—regularly, that is! Nothing removes every trace of makeup, dirt, and oil better than this supersonic cleansing device. The Clarisonic brush emits 300 vibrations per second, loosening up all that gunk. I’ve loved mine from the beginning and enjoy the acne brushhead used with a gel cleanser best!


Foreo Luna



The Foreo Luna is like the Clarisonic’s younger, hipper silicone cousin. It uses T-sonic and lower frequency pulsations to eliminate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and remove makeup. What’s great about this device is that you’ll never have to purchase brushhead replacements as you will with a Clarisonic brush, making the cost per use more affordable! It’s even suitable for sensitive skin.


Olay ProX Advanced Cleaning System



If the Clarisonic or Foreo Luna isn’t quite in your budget, this drugstore counterpart will still take your cleansing routine to a new level. The Olay ProX requires batteries and oscillates in a circular motion rather than cleansing via vibrations.


Clarisonic Opal Sonic Skin Infusion System



If you’re using an eye cream, this tool will ensure that it works 110 percent for you. The Opal uses 7,500 gentle massages per minute, allowing eye creams and serums to fully penetrate the eye area. Crows’ feet: Be gone!


Personal Microderm Device



Professional microdermabrasion is pricey and intimidating, but you can reap the same benefits in the privacy of your own bathroom with the Pmd. The gentle device unclogs pores, evens skin tone, and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. You can even use the device on rough elbows.


Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer



If you like using a beautyblender but want to put in less effort, try the Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer! You can use it to seamlessly and evenly apply any liquid, cream, mousse, or powder foundation. As a bonus benefit, it helps to promote circulation and reduce puffiness!


Tria Hair Removal Laser



I’ve talked before about my dark hair woes—namely, my dark arm hair! Put the power of lasers in your own hands with the Tria Hair Removal Laser device! This uses the same technology as the dermatologist to permanently shut down the hair follicle and put it in its place!