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I Swear By This Beauty Tool Every Time I Spot A Blemish

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I Swear By This Beauty Tool Every Time I Spot A Blemish

Forget the dermatologist. I turn to the Foreo Espada to take care of any pesky pimples, clogged pores, blackheads, and blemishes without ever leaving the house.

There’s always someone out there claiming they found the best acne cure-all, and I don’t want to lump myself in with that group. After all, I’m not a dermatologist—I’m just a girl on a journey to find my best skin through mostly trial and error. (Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of error.)

But, you guys! This blue light therapy beauty tool is pure magic.

You know Foreo for its sonic facial cleansing brush that has won many a beauty award and its revolutionary light therapy devices that get rid of everything from crow’s feet and dark circles to acne and under-eye bags. Foreo beauty tools are a bit on the pricier side, starting at $39 for its tiniest tool and reaching $6,500 for a solid platinum or 18-karat gold base (bit much?), but compared to professional aesthetician or dermatology sessions, it’s quite a deal.

At first sight, the Foreo Espada looks strangely similar to a vibrator. I ran into this awkward mix-up when I brought mine home over the holidays, reassuring my parents it was a new beauty tool I was trying. Overall, I liked how compact and small it was—small enough to slip into my travel makeup bag or purse for any pesky pimples that might pop up on the spot.

I know the Foreo Espada isn’t the first light therapy tool to hit the beauty market, as Neutrogena's glowing pink face mask and targeted acne spot treatment device took the internet by storm with celebs and influencers alike posting selfies wearing the Jason-esque mask while lounging on the couch.

Since then, many studies have been conducted on blue light therapy for acne with promising results for all skin types, with almost 65 percent improvement on mild to moderate acne. I’m sold.

However Foreo’s advanced technology takes this acne treatment a step further, using a one-two-punch combination of laser-focused blue LED light (the same light they use in dermatologist offices for professional treatments) and 30 seconds of self-timed T-Sonic vibrations that penetrate the skin straight to the blemish itself.

Disclaimer: I have to admit I’ve been blessed with a fairly acne-free complexion for most of my life, so I can’t speak to chronic acne, but I do suffer from the occasional outbreak. (See said breakout below.)

me before using the Foreo Espada on my acne breakout

I felt this little guy (I’m talking about the single red dot an inch above my jawline) start to form at the beginning of the week and busted out my handy dandy blue light immediately to combat the mini mountain coming on. With three quick treatments, adding only a minute and a half to my morning routine, my blemish looked less inflamed as I headed to work.

Over the next three days, I continued to spot treat in the morning and at night, making sure not to overdue LED light exposure more than three sessions to the same spot. Come Thursday morning, my pimple was completely gone.

me after using the Foreo Espada on my acne

This isn’t the first time I’ve relied on my Foreo Espada to clear up an inconvenient breakout in a speedy manner, and it definitely won’t be the last, especially with stunning results like these. I’ve even tested it on my chest and back, and—what do you know—it works just the same everywhere.

I know I said I wasn’t going to be that girl preaching the latest skincare savior, but I can’t help but advocate this handy little invention. If you suffer from frequent breakouts or even the occasional painful, under-the-skin pimple, the Espada is a savvy investment for your skin health.

You’ve seen for yourself how it can clear up your skin in a matter of days with a pain-free, noninvasive, professional-grade treatment. Did you get all that? Forget spending hundreds of dollars and hours at the dermatologist when you can treat yourself to the same technology while lounging around in your favorite oversized sweatshirt, hair in a scrunchie, watching your guilty-pleasure TV show.

Foreo Espada Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen

Foreo Espada Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen, $149, Foreo