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I Switched To An Oil Cleanser And I’m Never Going Back

by Taylor Borde

I Switched To An Oil Cleanser And I’m Never Going Back

This Korean cleanser passed my one-step wash test, waterproof mascara and all. Find the oil cleanser you should add to your countertop ensemble.

Whether I’m headed to work or getting ready for a night out, I always apply some type of BB cream or skin tint to even out my skin tone. As the heat picks up, getting to a sweltering 90 degrees here in the midwest, I can feel my makeup settle into my skin throughout the day, a feeling I’m not at all fond of. The second I step inside my apartment, I beeline for the bathroom to wash the dirt and grime from the day away.

Only too often did I do the finger test with the shower steam opening up my pores (you know, the one when you run your nails over your face to see how much makeup is really hiding in your skin) to end up disgusted by the result. My regular water-based, foaming cleanser just wasn’t cutting it, sometimes even having to wash twice just to get off my everyday face makeup. Don’t even get me started on stubborn waterproof mascara. That stuff was staying put, no matter what.

Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet oil-based cleanser

It wasn’t until I started using Botanic Farm’s Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet on a whim that I felt my face was completely clean—and after just one wash! The first time I massaged this oil cleanser into my skin, I was surprised at the solid consistency right out of the tub, but even more so when the balm transformed not once but twice into an oil and then again into a milky lather with warm water.

I barely noticed as my makeup literally melted off my face with just a pea-sized amount of this smooth sherbert. I rubbed the stuff right onto my black-painted lashes and, lo and behold, my smudge-proof mascara did in fact budge with not one lash left behind. Disclaimer: You will look like a sad clown with makeup running down your face, but a quick wipe can get rid of all that mess in a hot sec. It even took care of a full face of makeup and purple lashes after my week-long experiment with rainbow-colored mascara, no problem.


Unlike water-based cleansers, an oil cleanser interacts with your natural face oils to dissolve bad oils while softening, moisturizing, brightening, and nourishing your skin with additional oils, antioxidants, and vitamins.Cleansing oils are usually recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin who can benefit from more moisture. However, oily skin types shouldn’t shy away because water-based cleansers can actually dry out oily skin, causing even more oil production. An oil-based cleanser is just as effective, but it’s a gentler way to get rid of oil overload without stripping away natural, healthy face oils.

After several months of using this oil balm, I’ve barely made a dent, making it a great investment for daily makeup removal. Not to mention, it can make it through airport security without a second look. I can’t say I won’t ever use my tried and true Neutrogena cleanser again, but for makeup removal purposes, I’m sticking to this Botanic Farm sherbert from now on.

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