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Ick Be Gone! How to Keep Your Face Free of Bad Bacteria

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Ick Be Gone! How to Keep Your Face Free of Bad Bacteria

We all want nice skin. Heck, we want flawless skin! But from time to time we all face the dreaded breakout. Zits, pimples, acne … call it what you want. It’s a drag, and though sometimes it can be a hormonal issue, we can decrease instances of breakouts by being conscious of the bacteria lurking at every corner. It’s easy to forget where bacteria lives simply because it’s not visible to the naked eye. But with a few bacteria-busting tips, you can fight off breakouts and enjoy clear, beautiful skin this summer!


Your Cell Phone
Think about the many places your cell phone goes during the day: your bag, tabletops at restaurants, in your hands, and many other bacteria-dwelling places. And unless you’re using your Bluetooth or the speaker feature, your phone is likely depositing bacteria onto your cheeks. Once a week, try wiping your phone down with an anti-bacterial cleaning wipe to cut down the likelihood of a bacteria transfer.

Your Pillow
When it comes to how often you should change or wash your sheets, that’s a matter of personal preference. But if you want to keep bacteria at bay, you should change your pillow cases once a week. Pillow cases are easy; you don’t even have to wash them weekly. Just have enough extra sets on hand that you can change them out once a week then do a laundry load once a month, washing all four sets. You should also consider changing your pillows or getting them washed once or twice a year, as well.

Your Hands
Common sense, ladies! Our hands are a breeding ground for bacteria. You don’t have to reach for the hand sanitizer every time you touch something; just use your best judgement and wash your hands often. It’s not only good for keeping bacteria away from your face, but it’s good for overall health! And your nails? Even worse. I know you’re all good little beauties and you would never pick at your pimples, right? Good!

Your Makeup In Bed
I know, life is incredibly hectic and there’s so much going on at all times. But think about it this way: Sleeping with makeup on will increase your chances of breaking out. And when you break out, you’ll have to spend extra time putting makeup on! So why not nip this problem in the bud and always take your makeup off before bedtime. Once you get yourself into the habit of it, it’ll become second nature. At the very least, keep a set of makeup wipes on your nightstand and take it all off before you fall asleep.

Your Makeup Brushes
Cleaning makeup brushes is something a lot of us overlook as an important step in keeping our space— and our face— sanitary. It’s not as hard or as time consuming as you might think! My favorite brush cleaner is the Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner. It’s a blue liquid that not only cleans brushes, but is also antibacterial and it conditions your brushes so they last longer. All you have to do is dip your brush in the solution and wipe it down on a clean towel. Allow it to dry for about 30 minutes and voilà! Your bacteria-free brushes are ready to use. 

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