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This New Kiehl’s Serum Made Me Finally Say Goodbye to Full-Coverage Foundation

by Sidney Burds

This New Kiehl’s Serum Made Me Finally Say Goodbye to Full-Coverage Foundation
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My blotchy skin that was in desperate need of balance has finally met its cure-all.


Dear Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream,


I don’t want to take things too fast, but I’m ready to commit.


After years of covering up and countless tubes of full-coverage foundation, I’m finally ready to show my real skin all thanks to you, Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream. I can’t tell you the hours I’ve spent in the mirror picking apart my flaws, staring at my acne-prone skin and blotchy red tone as I carefully, methodically paint my makeup overtop.


It was a constant struggle of imbalance, covering up to feel presentable when along the way the products that were giving me comfort were also causing my demise.



The fact that we’ve finally been able to connect seems like fate. I’ve tried, and still use, so many of your companions. Ultra Facial Cream has kept me hydrated through the most brutal winters and Creamy Eye Treatment makes my under-eye practically reflect light. Though my skin was hydrated and my under-eye looking fly, I truly didn’t stop my full coverage security blanket until we met.


After trying everything under the sun, from store-bought to at home DIY, you arrived all shiny and new this past month. Your big brag was your not-so-secret ingredient: calendula serum. Said to be packed with five discomfort-reducing compounds, you promised to deliver soft, dewy finish, an anti-aging skin barrier, and visibly reduced skin redness. With high hopes of a light summer moisturizer and little expectations for the other advertised benefits, I took the leap and gave you a shot.


And just like a pukey bachelor contestant I fell head over heels.


I can’t remember how long we had been together at that point, I just remember looking up in the mirror one morning and being taken aback by how even my skin, tone was. The redness was nearly nonexistent, and the acne that was there was barely noticeable. For the first time I felt I could walk out of the house with that skin and never look back.


Selfie of editor in the morning after weeks of trial with product


Since then we’ve been together morning and night like two peas in a pod. I love your air light quality, fragrant scent, and when pairing you with my PMD Clean Pro it’s like I’m at the spa. And even though you’re the new kid on the block, other ladies are already giving you shout outs on Kiehl’s website left and right.


“Tried a sample a few weeks ago and I’ve been checking my local store (NYC flagship) daily to see if it is on sale. Finally got to purchase it today!! Love the texture. Super lightweight and feels like a better version of the clearly corrective moisturizer. Love Kiehl’s!” reported back one reviewer.


“I have very dry skin so tend to use heavier products, but Kiehl’s water-cream absorbs easily and I really feel it moisturize my face. Calendula has so many healing properties so you feel like you are really doing your skin a favor!” said another.


“I received sample of this cream from Kiehl’s. Started to use it on the same evening. I found it very hydrating and light. I have dry, sensitive skin (over 55). I am very pleased with this cream and will buy the big jar for summer.Thank you, Kiehl keep making these exceptional products!” wrote the most recent reviewing convert.


I can’t thank you enough for coming through when I had lost all hope. You made me believe in skincare again.




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