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MIT Professor’s “Liquid Spanx” Invention Claims To Erase Under-Eye Bags

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MIT Professor’s “Liquid Spanx” Invention Claims To Erase Under-Eye Bags

The brains over at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created "liquid Spanx" technology that could be the solution to all of our under-eye bag problems.

All it takes is one night of tossing and turning to wake up with puffy, sagging under-eyes looking back at you in the mirror. Some days, concealer, creams, and caffeine can only do so much. But according to WWD, the brains over at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have apparently created the solution to all of our under-eye bag problems, and the technology behind it is pretty freaking cool.

The formula, that they're calling "liquid Spanx" creates a second, skin-like layer that uses compression techniques in the form of silicone-based polymers to all but completely erase puffiness.

To start, dab the first layer on your bags, and let it sit for a minute. Next, apply layer two, which is where things start to really happen. Apparently, the second layer of polymer adheres to the first and creates a hardened film that tightens the skin right before your eyes. And what's even cooler? The layers are formulated with blurring and mattifying effects that make it possible to wear on its own or with a layer of powder on top. An oil-based makeup remover is all it takes to remove the film, too!

This formula was originally introduced in 2016, and while this particular one is specifically targeted toward depuffing sullen under-eye skin, it could quite possibly go toward eradicating cellulite down the line.

Let's be real here: This product would be a serious game changer in the beauty industry—and we don't use that word lightly. And considering the technology comes out of Olivo Labs led by MIT professor Robert Langer, who happens to be the most cited engineer in history, has received the United States National Medal of Science, the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation and the industry equivalent of the Nobel prize for engineering, we're going to go ahead and assume this is all totally legit.

The "liquid Spanx" technology is finalized and ready to go, and now the only question is who will get to take the reins of mass production of the product?

"The big question for a company like ours is do we develop it on our own, or among the people that are potentially wooing us," Olivo's CEO, Amy Schulman told WWD. "Do we find there's one partner that we really think has the ability to develop this the way we want around the world?"

Whoever they decide to go with, we hope they decide soon for the sake of our under-eyes!