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Multimasking: The Beauty Editor Secret to Your Best Skin Ever

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Multimasking: The Beauty Editor Secret to Your Best Skin Ever

No, it doesn't mean folding laundry while cleaning your pores. It's actually a method for addressing all your skin woes at once. After all, it's not common to find a face mask that can take care of an oily T-zone, moisturize dry cheeks, and de-puff your tired eyes all at once.

Multimasking is the next big thing in beauty, but if you haven't heard of it, you're not alone. As the name suggests, multimasking entails strategically applying different masks to different regions of your face; this provides your skin with the TLC it needs for each area. So, instead of settling for dry patches or oil slicks, you get to customize each mask to match your skin's needs.

Customized Care

There are literally thousands of masklike products on the market, all of which promise to give you clear, glowing skin. The problem is that face masks are usually tailored to address one type of problem. Some are meant to combat dry skin; others banish blackheads. Unfortunately, though, the benefits one product promises could actually exacerbate other issues. A super-moisturizing mask could cause breakouts where oil is abundant, or a mask to clarify skin could cause dryness.

That's where multimasking comes in handy: By combining several masks and applying them strategically to your skin, you target any skin woes you have without making more problems. Applying an oil-absorbing mask to your T-zone while still addressing dryness around your nose with a hydrating mask means you get the best results for your unique skin type. For these reasons, multimasking is perfect for special occasions, like your wedding day or a big date.


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Mask Combinations

Knowing how to combine different masks is the biggest success factor in making multimasking work for you. First, you'll need to address your skin type: Grab a magnifying mirror, and take a look. Which areas of your skin could use extra moisture? Which tend to dry out? Are there any specific issues—like puffy eyes or acne—you wish you could fix?

Once you've assessed your skin, head to the beauty counter (or the drugstore). Remember that multimasking is all about strategically using the right product on the right area of your skin, so you might purchase two or three products to score the best results. Don't want spend a lot of money at the beauty counter? Try making your own masks right in your kitchen!

Try these combinations for great results:

  • Use hydrating eye patches for tired eyes while slathering on a clarifying mask to combat acne from heavy makeup use or product buildup.
  • Pop on a blackhead-clearing nose strip to draw out impurities, but utilize an exfoliating oatmeal mask to smooth out tired or dry skin on your cheeks and chin.
  • Smooth on an oil-absorbing mask on your T-zone, but try a moisturizing mask under your eyes and on your cheeks.

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No matter what combo you try, using multiple masks at once is all about the customization factor. Like a custom facial at the spa, you can dial up the moisture and play around with ingredients to get the results you crave. Enjoy your best skin ever!