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Score Big on High-Tech Skincare Tools During Amazon Prime Day

by Sidney Burds

Score Big on High-Tech Skincare Tools During Amazon Prime Day

Want to take your skincare routine to the next level? Keep your hands dry and your face scrubbed clean with the PMD Clean Pro RQ!



This next level skincare device uses SonicGlow technology that creates 7,000 vibrations per minute. The high frequency breaks down and shakes out dirt and oil in clogged pores.


Use the bristled side with your daily cleanser and the SonicGlow technology as you wash your face, moving in circular motions and spending additional time in areas where you experience breakouts. After drying your face,  flip over the device and use the rose quartz side and power on the ActiveWarmth setting, which delivers a heating sensation through the stone. Use this side to massage in serums and oils, helping them to absorb deeper into the skin.


Personally, I own the PMD Clean Pro RQ and I use it every day morning and night. So when I came across this high-tech godsend available for a killer deal during Amazon Prime Day, I obviously had to share! I have acne-prone skin, so keeping my fingers away from my face is a must for preventing oil and dirt from seeping into my pores. I love how easy this device is to operate; it neatly fits into all the grooves of my face, and the ActiveWarmth makes the end of my skincare routine feel like I’m at a spa.


This luxury beauty steal won’t be available for long, and it rarely goes on sale, so if I were you I’d snatch one up before they all sell out!


Pink PMD Clean Pro RQ facial cleansing tool


Buy It! PMD Clean Pro RQ, $179 $125; amazon.com