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This Screaming Teen Is Wearing The Charcoal Face Mask of Horror

Cachet Raynor felt nothing but regret after trying to peel off a too-tight charcoal face mask.

We've all heard that beauty is painful, but Cachet Raynor learned that the hard way. Earlier this week, the 17-year-old documented an agonizing attempt to peel off a charcoal face mask from her face. After several "WTFs'" and "god damns" (and a few blood-curdling screams) the teen confesses that she will, "never do this sh*t again."

Like most of us, all Cachet wanted was to clean out her pores but never expected the process to wind up being so painful. To poke fun at herself, the teen posted the video to Twitter that has since received over 83,000 retweets and 132,000 likes. The same video on Facebook now has over 16 million views. And it's easy to see why.

Despite her excrutiating reaction, several brave souls came forward inquiring about the face mask.

Other more sensible folks simply decided it was best to simply offer the poor girl some sympathy.

If you dare, you can go ahead and try the PIL'ATEN blackhead remover that's available on Amazon. Here's to hoping you have a better experience.

Faith Brar

Faith is an Editorial/Social Media Assistant at Meredith Corporation from Boston. Her work has appeared in Shape, Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, More and others. When not writing, Faith can be seen pounding a bag of Jalapeno chips, online shopping, out on a run or binge watching murder mysteries on Netflix with her main squeeze.

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