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Six Natural Tips for Removing Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

by Jennifer Gilbert

Six Natural Tips for Removing Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles can appear suddenly due to age, fatigue, or allergies. Here are some natural techniques for removing dark circles and making your racoon eyes radiant again.


6 Natural Tips For Removing Dark Circles From Under Eyes


Dark circles are adorable on a furry raccoon, but when they’re around your eyes there’s nothing cute about them! Dark circles appear when the blood vessels under your eyes enlarge due to factors such as age, genetics, fatigue, or allergies. Although dark circles around the eyes can come on suddenly, there are some effective natural remedies for removing dark circles. Here are six easy ways to get rid of dark circles forever.


Dietary Changes
According to The Dermatology Review, lowering your salt intake can help reduce dark circles. Vitamin C-rich fruits, such as oranges, can increase collagen production and firm up the skin under your eyes. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetical suggests using licorice root to reduce bulging blood vessels under the eyes. For this easy DIY treatment, brew two bags of licorice tea; when cooled, place the tea bags over your eyelids for 20 minutes.


Cosmetic Peels
Cosmetic peels can reduce age lines and increase skin pigmentation. The Indian Journal of Medical Research recommends a salicylic acid peel for removing dark circles, which is derived from natural ingredients like willow bark. You can do a home treatment or a professional spa application. During a spa treatment, an esthetician applies a small amount of salicylic acid onto a cotton swab and applies the solution under your eyes. Spa packages generally cost around $300 dollars for a series of 5-6 treatments. Home treatments are considerably less expensive and cost approximately $20.


Extra Shut Eye
Fatigue is a common reason for dark circles under the eyes. The Mayo Clinic recommends adults get 7- 8 hours of sleep per night. If you are still tired after a full night’s sleep, the Mayo Clinic advises seeking additional lifestyles changes for removing dark circles. Chronic fatigue can be a result of too little or too much exercise, so it’s important to examine your daily activity level if you are in a constant state of exhaustion.


ntense Pulse Light Treatments
This non-invasive treatment uses a high-energy light wave to soothe the skin under the eyes. The light wave constricts blood vessels under the eyes, in order to reduce discoloration. For best results, this procedure is performed at a medical spa in a series of appointments. The number of applications needed depends on factors such as age, diet, and overall health of the patient. Treatments can be costly, averaging approximately $200 per appointment.


Change Your Sleep Position
According to Dermatology News, your nightly sleep position can cause dark circles to develop under your eyes. Sleeping on your stomach or side causes fluids to build up under your eyes. If possible, sleep on your back and use an additional pillow to prop your head.


Use a Cold Compress
Cold compresses can constrict leaking blood vessels and reduce puffiness under the eyes, reveals Dermatology News. If you don’t have a cold compress available, you can use items found in your freezer; a frozen bag of veggies, chilled cucumbers, or potato slices may work well—potatoes also contain natural bleaching agents. To perform a DIY natural bleaching treatment, first juice the potato, then dip a cotton swab into the juice and gently apply to the skin under your eyes to diminish dark circles.


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