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Best Skin Care Products: Staff-Tested Picks

With the hundreds of skin care options out there, how can you possibly know if a product is worth spending your hard earned dollars? Each month, the Divine Caroline team tests the best skin care products on the market to find new favorites for you.

Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System, $149.99

1 / 63


What It Is: This May, Philips released the newest skin care tool on the market. The PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System with sonic technology comes with a travel case, two brush heads (normal and exfoliation), and a charging stand. The facial cleanser has two speeds, gentle and deep cleansing, and cleans skin in one minute with a timer every 20 seconds to notify you to change areas. 

Why You Should Try It: Philips claims this product is 10X more effective at removing makeup than hand cleansing and I believe it. I loved using the PureRadiance at night to remove my face makeup as it breaks up dirt and deep cleans makeup from pores. My skin feels softer and cleaner after using with my normal cleanser. It may take more than two weeks to determine lasting results but so far I'm saying goodbye to my washcloth and grabbing the Philips Facial Cleansing System! Shannon Bauer, editorial intern

Queen of the Hive Face Contour Cream, $79.99

2 / 63


What It Is: The Queen of the Hive Bee Venom Face Cream is an exotic mix of natural ingredients (70 percent organic) such as high-quality bee venom, rare manuka active honey from New Zealand and botanical oils. This face cream works to stimulate, nourish and provide your skin with the intense moisture it craves.

Why You Should Try It: I was hesitant to try this product when I learned it was made with bee venom because I didn't know how my face would react to it. I'm glad I gave it a go because it's definitely my new favorite face moisturizer. This product leaves my skin feeling incredibly fresh, deeply moisturized and looking radiant. I apply it as the last step in my skincare routine at night and wake up feeling refreshed. My skin is so soft and moisturized—without clogging my pores or leaving me feeling greasy—that I don't have to use a makeup primer. My foundation applies so smoothly. It's a bit of a splurge at $80 but a little bit goes a very long way. Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Pura Naturals Soap-Infused Active Charcoal Face Slice, $8.99 for 3 pack

3 / 63


What It Is: Pura Naturals is a company that produces 100 percent vegan and gluten-free sponges for home, body, and face. The sponges are infused with soap, botanicals, and essential oils. 

Why You Should Try It: I got on board the charcoal train and tried the active charcoal infused face slices. These sponges are a great one-stop shop as they contain soap and essential oils in the sponge. Just wet, wash your face, and rinse. So easy, effective, and they smell great!  I really love charcoal as an ingredient in skin care because it draws out dirt, oil, and impurities. Each sponge lasts for 2 to 3 months and there are three sponges in a pack. $8.99 for a 6 month skin care supply- a great deal for a natural product. If you haven’t already, buy your ticket for the charcoal express! Shannon Bauer, editorial intern

My Cabana Boy Sunscreen Applicator, $13.99

4 / 63


What It Is: The adjustable top can fit any sprayable sunscreen bottle and then locks it in place. This handy tool has a button on the side that releases an even mist of sunscreen when pressed. The My Cabana Boy is available on their website in four bright colors. 

Why You Should Try It: When the My Cabana Boy arrived at the Divine Caroline office I was really hoping for a svelte Brazilian carrying a piña colada. Unfortunately that was not my reality, but what did arrive was the My Cabana Boy sunscreen applicator. Although you will feel a little silly using it in public, it is perfect for when you are alone and need to apply sunscreen in hard to reach places. Shannon Bauer, editorial intern

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay, $12.99

5 / 63


What It Is: The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Trio is a three-step hair removal system. First you prepare skin with wipes, apply the removal cream and let sit from one minute. Then you step into the shower and leave the product for another 3-10 minutes and wipe away the cream. After your shower, apply the moisturizing gel. 

Why You Should Try It: Hair removal with no shaving, waxing, or pain seems too good to be true, but I was so impressed with this Nair system. The hair wipes away easily and my legs were incredibly smooth. The only negative I could find with this system is you only get two wipes but there’s much more product than just two applications. However, four days after application and I was still stubble free! —Shannon Bauer, editorial intern

Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Soap, $7.95

6 / 63


What It Is: The Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Soap is all natural, multi-purpose cleansing bar that contains Organic Manuka Active (OMA) 12+ Honey from New Zealand, Aloe Vera Gel and Australian Tea Tree oil. This product is free of fragrances and preservatives!

Why You Should Try It: I recommend almost anything with Tea Tree Oil so when I saw this bar of soap I knew I'd love it. Tea Tree Oil is great for rashes, skin allergies, acne and can be used as an antiseptic. It left my skin feeling very clean and hydrated. I also loved using it on my legs to shave. It made the process painless and left my legs moisturized all day. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, $42

7 / 63


What It Is: The Ultimate Lift Eye Gel fades fine lines and improves firmness around the eye area. The new formula contains 30 percent more peptides and 600 percent botanicals to improve skin elasticity and provide hydration overnight so you wake up looking refreshed. Sold at Sephora and Ole Henriksen online, this product is $42 and can be applied to the eye area every night before bed.

Why You Should Try It: The thing I like about this eye gel is how cool it feels on the skin – it’s very refreshing and instantly makes my under eye area feel more hydrated. If you’re looking for a gentle product to hydrate the area around the eyes, give this one a try.  —Jessi Wilson, editorial intern 

Vivant Skincare Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash and Exfoliating Cleanser, $31 and $33 respectively

8 / 63


What It Is: The Vivant Skincare Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash and Exfoliating Cleanser are a combination of mandelic acid, green tea extract, fruit extract, and honey.

Why You Should Try It: The acid can be a little harsh and my skin would be splotchy after use which is why I relegated this heavy-hitter to nighttime. I used the wash at night and by morning it had quickly cleared existing breakouts and my complexion was more uniform. The exfoliating formula was gentle enough for everyday use but you can feel the product working. The 3-in-1 wash can also be used for shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and as shampoo to control dandruff.  —Shannon Bauer, editorial intern 

Manuka Honey & Oatmeal Soap, $7.95

9 / 63


What It Is: This oatmeal and manuka honey soap is a part of the Wedderspoon Organic line. The fusion of goat's milk, Organic Manuka Honey active 12+ and organic oatmeal heightens your four senses and moisturizes the skin. The oatmeal acts as a natural exfoliant great for rough or dry skin.  

Why You Should Try It: I've never been into organic soaps because I had never tried them. Now that I have, there's no going back. The exfoliating power of this soap leaves me feeling fresh, soft and clean. The soap bar is really big compared to my store-bought soap and lasts a long time. It's definitely worth a few extra dollars. Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Vineyard Hill Naturals Hand Cream, $6.99

10 / 63


What It Is: Vineyard Hills Natural Hand Creams are made with essential oils and natural and certified organic ingredients. They come in 2-oz. tubes and are available in three scents: milk & honey, lemon & verbena, and lavender & rose. 

Why You Should Try It: The combination of sunflower, almond, and olive oils with shea butter keeps skin moisturized for hours on end, and you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin—there are no parabens, phthalates, SLS, or petroleum here. I loved the subtle lavender rose scent. The compact size was perfect to throw into my purse or work bag, so I was never without it.  I would definitely recommend these gentle hand creams. —Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

UltraLuxe Omega 3 Repair Complex, $42

11 / 63


What it is: UltraLuxe Omega 3 Repair Complex is a balance of essential oils that helps control excess oil production and clear up breakouts. This product promises to condition, hydrate and detoxify your skin.

Why You Should Try It: I used this product for a little more than two weeks and applied it right before I went to bed. I admit that putting oil on my face made me worry about breaking out, but I was surprised by the positive results. It was easy to apply and I found a little bit goes a long way. UltraLuxe Omega 3 Repair Complex left my face acne free, smooth, moisturized and glowing. I definitely recommend this product.—Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor 

Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil, $28

12 / 63


What it is: Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil is an antioxidant-rich facial cleanser perfect for all skin types. This product gently removes makeup, dirt and excess oils without drying out your skin. It has a blend of ingredients such as Rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae Lipid Extract, and green coffee bean oil to soothe, repair, moisturize and promote cell turnover.

Why You Should Try It: I tend to have sensitive and acne-prone skin so I was a little nervous to wash my face with oil. However, this product pleasantly surprised me.  The application process was so simple and the oil has a pleasant and light scent. I was shocked to see how easy the oil rinses off and it doesn’t leave any residue or greasy feeling behind. I was left with clean, moisturized and glowing skin.—Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer, $178

13 / 63


What It Is: OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer is enriched with vitamins E, A, C, B, Pro-B5, antioxidants and 24 karat gold flakes. This hydrating cream will give you the glow you crave while reducing the signs of aging.

Why You Should Try It: I’m always very skeptical of expensive beauty products so I was excited to test this one. This moisturizer is great for those of you who like thick and heavy face moisturizers. The creamy consistency takes a few minutes to completely soak in but it left me with extremely hydrated and soft skin. It wasn’t sticky or greasy and had a soft, nice scent. I’m not completely sold on the gold flakes but maybe after a longer period of use I will be. I recommend using this moisturizer on your neck and décolleté for all-over skin hydration. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail, $21.99

14 / 63


What It Is: Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail is a paraben-free conditioning oil complex comprised of cranberry and cloudberry seed oils for more nourished, vitalized skin. The lightweight serum improves the smoothness of skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Why You Should Try It: I have relatively normal skin and I’m not one to go out and spend mega bucks on serums, creams, and lotions—my skincare regimen consists of cleanser and lotion at night—but after using this Vitamin C-enriched serum I’m a bit more of a believer. I started applying the serum after washing my face just a week ago, and I have already seen a difference in the smoothness and brightness of my skin. I still finish with a lotion once the serum has soaked into my face and neck for added moisture. –Abby Gilman, staff writer

Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate, $58

15 / 63


What It Is: Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate gives life to dull, tired skin through its Serum-to-Liquid Technology. This product intensely hydrates and plumps skin to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and rough texture leaving you with a more youthful look.

Why You Should Try It: I work a lot of long hours so my skin definitely needed a pick-me-up. After just a week of use, the texture of my skin was much smoother and my skin felt super hydrated. I love the Serum-to-Liquid Technology; it’s like a drink of water for your face. I like to apply the easily absorbed serum at night as well as right before I put on makeup, just as I would a primer. I think it helps my skin look healthy and moisturized throughout the day!  —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner, $3.99

16 / 63


What It Is: Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner is designed to gently control and remove oils, sooth irritation, and refine pores without any harsh ingredients. Like the rest of their all-natural skin care products, it's made from pure Witch Hazel, a plant with healing qualities native to the North East, but it also contains 14% grain alcohol. 


Why You Should Try It: Whoa. Between the Witch Hazel and the grain alcohol, this product stinks. But as much as it smells, it really works. Besides being completely affordable, this toner got results in just a few weeks. My skin feels soft and smooth; my pores are noticeably smaller; and it happened without completely drying out my face. Although if you do have naturally dryer skin, start with just using it every other day. —Rachel Weeks, editorial intern

Lumene Vitamin C + Age Defying Radiant Beauty Drops, $22

17 / 63


What It Is: Lumene Vitamin C + Age Defying Radiant Beauty Drops are little capsules filled with arctic cloudberry seed oil to strengthen and protect your skin. The capsule is also filled with vitamin C to nourish and brighten your face. Apply the serum for 28 days—day or night.


Why You Should Try It: I really liked that this product comes in a capsule. I always feel like I overuse products but having capsules ensured I use the proper amount every time. I loved the way the serum felt on my face. It was soft, lightweight and soaked in nicely. After just two weeks, I noticed brighter and smoother skin. I definitely love this new glow! —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Le Couvent des Minimes Loving Care Body Balm, $36

18 / 63


What It Is: Le Couvent des Minimes Loving Care Body Balm is a hypoallergenic lotion that helps nourish and restore skin.


Why You Should Try It: I tried this lotion at night for a little over a week, and woke up every morning with the softest skin. I love it! The lotion isn't too thick or greasy and soaks in fairly quickly, leaving you with silky smooth skin. Plus, it has a soft, relaxing scent. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Glossier Phase 1 Set, $80

19 / 63


What It Is: Glossier Phase 1 Set includes 4 products: Rosewater Soothing Face Mist, Primer Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom and a Perfecting Skin Tint. This set aims at effortlessly perfecting and priming your canvas for a beautiful and minimalistic finish.


Why You Should Try It: I was sold on this set after just two uses. The Rosewater Soothing Face Mist smells like a dream and hydrates and refreshes my face. I found myself spraying it a few times a day. The primer moisturizer is the perfect lotion to replenish and soothe my skin. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and gave me an effortless, dewy appearance. I love using it under my makeup as a primer. The Balm Dotcom came in handy way more then I thought. It’s perfect for anywhere you need more moisture—lips, cuticles or rough patches. But my favorite product was the Perfecting Skin Tint. The formula provided sheer coverage that was ideal for brightening, blurring imperfections, and minimizing pores. This entire set makes your skin feel good. I highly recommend it. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Orico London Dream Dew Night Perfecting Cream, $56

20 / 63


What It Is: Dream Dew Night Perfecting Cream is a natural overnight skin-perfecting treatment developed with age-defying and super-hydrating bioactives to help illuminate and reveal dewy skin. Clinically proven Hexapeptide bioactive helps increase skin elasticity and boost oxygen levels, whilst Hyaluronic Acid drenches skin with moisture for a radiant looking complexion. Awake to dreamy skin.

Why You Should Try It: As someone who normally just uses moisturizer for both day and night, I was a little skeptical that someone younger than my mother’s age needed night cream. After spending a week with Orico London’s Night Perfecting Cream, I’m convinced—it’s totally and completely necessary. The consistency isn’t thick at all, so it didn’t feel as though I was putting a layer of heavy cream all over my face. I woke up with a dewy complexion after night one, and my face seemed to hold onto face makeup much longer throughout my long days. I definitely recommend using a night cream if you don’t already—and if you want a low-maintenance cream to boot, try this one.Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

Aqua Tan Self-Tanning Body Milk, $42

21 / 63


What It Is: This creamy self-tanner claims to go on so easily "you won't believe it's a self tanner." It's marketed as fresh-smelling and clean-feeling, enriched with white tea, cucumber and green tea extracts, and sacred spring water to "bless your spirit." Aqua Tan promises to deliver a natural looking tan while leaving your skin soft and supple.


Why You Should Try It: Despite their gimmicky sacred-spring-water marketing, this product does deliver on most of it's promises. I applied it before bed and on the second morning I woke up with tan natural-looking color (not orange), soft skin, and minimal streaking—which is surprising, since the product goes on clear. But I have to be honest: It smells awful, as most self-tanners do. That doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't use it again, though. In my experience, a funky smell is the price you pay for sunless tanning. —Hilary Abrahamson, editorial intern

Kiehl’s Sun-Free Self-Tanning Formula, $22.50

22 / 63


What It Is: Kiehl’s Sun-Free Self-Tanning Formula is a lightweight buildable tanning lotion. Made with apricot kernel oil, cocoa seed butter, and vitamin E, this lotion leaves the skin nourished and glowing within four hours of application.


Why You Should Try It: I’m typically hesitant when it comes to self-tanners. When I feel in need of a glow-boost, I reach for my Jergens Natural Glow. Not anymore. Kiehl’s Sun-Free Self-Tanning Formula went on just as easily as my go-to Jergens, but gave me more immediate results. Online reviews advise combining the self-tanner with Crème de Corps for an easier, more even application, but I had no issues with streaking or the texture of the lotion. The formula didn’t have too terrible of a smell, and it dried relatively quickly, leaving my skin incredibly soft. A golden color started to appear after about an hour, with full color settling about five hours after application. I’m super pale, so I used it two days in a row to build up a subtle glow and I love the results. –Abby Gilman, staff writer

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream, 4 oz, $38

23 / 63


What It Is: Egyptian Magic is an all-purpose moisturizing cream with only six ingredients: Olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. The company also says it’s made with “Divine love,” but don’t let the gimmicky packaging scare you. Everyone from Brooke Shields to Rachel Zoe has touted the product, which can be used as ointment for cuts, night time moisturizer, makeup remover, and more.


Why You Should Try It: The packaging is wacky, I’m not going to lie, but the product is amazing. I started using it as a hand cream—it seemed too thick for my face—but I slowly worked up to using it as a makeup remover, then a night time face moisturizer, until I was coating my whole body with it. It really is an all-purpose skin cream. When I use it on my face at night, I wake up with skin that is smooth, hydrated, and bright. It does suck to fall asleep in because it feels heavy on your face, and if you share a bed with a significant other they might be grossed out. But by the morning, your skin is so beautiful you won’t even care. —Hilary Abrahamson, editorial intern

Silk'n Revit Microdermabrasion, $129

24 / 63


What It Is: Silk'n Revit Microdermabrasion is a tool that combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation to diminish the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars. This system comes with three different attachments: precision, fine and coarse. 


Why You Should Try It: I was super excited to try the Revit system to see if it really worked. And I'm happy to report that I will no longer be paying $100 for the same treatment at the spa. This product is the real deal! In just five minutes, the Revit completely changed the texture and tone of my skin. This product removed the skin cells on my face to reveal a glowing and even complexion. The best—or maybe grossest—part is getting to see the gunk from your face in the filter so you know it’s working. I highly recommend this beauty tool; but when you first try it, start slow and apply moisturizer because it can cause redness and peeling. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Dickinson's On-The-Go Towelettes, $3.99

25 / 63


What It Is: These individually packaged towelettes are one product in the Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel all-natural skin care line. Made from a blend of aloe and Witch Hazel, a healing plant native to the North East, Dickinson's oil-controlling towelettes are designed to gently control and remove oils, sooth irritation, and refine pores without any harsh chemical ingredients. One box contains 20 towelettes.


Why You Should Try It: If you've never used a Witch Hazel product before, the first thing you'll notice is the pungent smell, but don't let that stop you from giving these wipes a try. The smell dissipates as soon as the product dries and it leaves your skin feeling soft, clean, and oil-free. Plus, the all-natural formula cleans gently and doesn't dry out your skin like harsher products. I keep a towelette in my purse at all times for a convenient mid-day clean. —Rachel Weeks, editorial intern

Julep Konjac Cleansing Sponge, $12

26 / 63


What It Is: Julep Konjac Cleansing Sponge is a soft, all-natural exfoliant made from fibrous roots of the Japanese Konjac plant. The sponge is gentle enough for everyday use and is 100% biodegradable. It promises to clarify, exfoliate and soften the appearance of your skin.


Why You Should Try It: When I first held this super-soft sponge in my hand I doubted it would be powerful enough to exfoliate my face. After massaging my face in circular motions for minute or so I felt a big difference. I was pleasantly surprised how soft and smooth my skin felt. Unlike other similar products, you only need to replace this sponge every two to three months and it's so inexpensive! Plus, it comes with a string attached to it so it’s easy to hang dry. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Tanceuticals Self Tanning Body Lotion, $25

27 / 63


What It Is: Tanceuticals Self Tanning Body Lotion is a color-correcting, self-tanning lotion that ensures a glowing, long-lasting tan without leaving you streaky or orange. This product is infused with Acai Berry, Mango Butter and Vitamin E to moisturize, repair and firm your skin.


Why You Should Try It: Trying out new sunless tanners always scares me because things can go terribly wrong. Lucky for me, I’ve found my new favorite at-home sunless tanner. I have fair and sensitive skin, but I tried the dark color, which wasn’t too much pigment at all. Note: With this stuff, a little bit goes a long way. I used the Tanceuticals self-tanning mitt to make the application process even easier. The color took about 6-8 hours to completely process but I was very happy with the results. There were no streaks, no bad smells, and no orange. Plus, it lasted an entire week before I needed to reapply again. I love this product so much I cancelled my sunless tanning membership at my local salon. With the quality, price, and size of the bottle, I highly recommend this product. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Wand, $12.99

28 / 63


What It Is: The Sweet Bee Magic Wand is an organic healing lip and face balm, powered by propolis and honey. The extra-strength formula is made for extreme weather protection and delivers optimal cellular nutrition and support. Bonus points: it’s 100% natural and can be used to treat any rough spots on the hands, elbows, you name it!


Why You Should Try It: This is a huge stick of all-natural goodness. I’ve been using it mostly as a lip balm, but have tried it on dry hands too. I’m excited to have such a transportable option for winter moisturizing, and the price is hard to beat. —Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

Dr. Lin Skincare System, $21.99

29 / 63


What It Is: The Dr. Lin acne cleansing system is a two-step, paraben-free, hydroquinone-free skincare regimen that claims to clear acne, prevent future breakouts and reduce red and dark marks. The first step is a twice-daily cleanser, followed by the second step, a lotion that kills acne-causing bacteria. In addition, the system comes with a spot corrector for a quick response to blemishes or breakouts.


Why You Should Try It: My skin is prone to redness and hormonal acne flare-ups. So, I was pleased to see after about four days of use, my redness had diminished some. The system was easy, quick, and lightweight, and it didn't dry out my skin like other acne systems I've tried—couchproactivcough. Although beware of colored linens; it'll bleach your towels. Generally, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised to find out the whole system only cost $21.99. —Rachel Weeks, editorial intern

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye, $202

30 / 63


What It Is: Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye is an eye cream designed to moisturize, decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin, eradicate signs of fatigue and stress, and lift and firm the upper lid.

Why You Should Try It: I never really think about the skin around my eyes until something is going wrong. I’m only 25—but I’m a working mother of two and a student. I’m exhausted, and lately the dark circles and drooping lids really show it. I was skeptical about this eye cream—as I am with most expensive products—but in less than a week I’ve truly noticed a huge difference. My entire face looks younger and healthier. I may not be getting a full night of sleep, but my eyes are super bright and I barely touch my concealer in the mornings. If you’re tired of people telling you how exhausted you look, it’s definitely worth the investment. –Hilary Abrahamson, editorial intern

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Self-Tan Liquid, $32

31 / 63


What It Is: Fake Bake 60 Minutes is an express self-tanning liquid. In as a little as an hour it promises to give you a summery glow, without damaging UV rays. The lightweight formula is easily applied with a reusable mitt and can sit on your skin for up to three hours while it develops a tan. When you’re done, simply rinse off in the shower and reveal straight-from-the-beach color.


Why You Should Try It: If you haven’t already, cancel your tanning salon membership. Fake Bake’s product is simple to apply and achieves long lasting color that won’t rub off on clothes. I use it weekly to keep up a subtle, natural-looking tan, but the color is easy to build, too­. Just leave it on longer for a deeper tan. It’s not the cheapest self-tanner on the market, but one bottle lasts several applications which will keep you bronzed for months. —Leah Walters, design intern

Silk’n Pedi, $29

32 / 63


What It Is: The Silk’n Pedi callus remover comes with two different rollers—one has a rough grain for hard-to-treat areas, and one with a finer grain for sensitive areas and to buff. It’s battery-powered and easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Why You Should Try It: This is the best at-home pedicure tool I’ve come across. After years of trying to make do with pumice stones and files, I’ve settled on the Silk’n Pedi as my new absolute favorite. I used both rollers—the rough-grain first, and the fine-grain to buff after. I had to learn to go slow for maximum effectiveness, but it definitely paid off. My feet are so smooth now and I use it once a week or less. –Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

Pixi Tonic, $29

33 / 63


What It Is: This exfoliating facial glow tonic from Pixi helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. It also removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skin. This tonic is alcohol-free and works on all skin types.


Why You Should Try It: This tonic seriously improved my skin tone after just a week with it. The smell is kind of funky, but you definitely get used to it after a few days. I just wet a cotton ball with it and swiped it across my face, avoiding the eye area. My skin was brighter and my small breakouts died down. I love love love this tonic and will definitely be adding it to my everyday skincare routine. –Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

Ellovi Butter, $26

34 / 63


What It Is: Ellovi Body Butter is made from just six ingredients: macadamia nut, coconut, marula, hemp seed, shea, and vanilla. There’s no water added, so it won’t evaporate and it’s super concentrated—meaning you’ll feel the intense benefits for days, even after washing hands.

Why You Should Try It: I have to admit, I was a bit freaked out by the texture of this super-thick butter, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. I could feel it soaking in deeper than any other lotion has, and even the next day my skin was softer than ever. I mostly used it on my hands and forearms, and could definitely notice a difference between the skin I hadn’t used it on and the skin I had. A little goes a long way, so Ellovi is definitely worth the splurge. –Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

Nude Skincare, $158

35 / 63


What It Is: This skincare line consists of: An all-natural, daily jelly cleanser with omegas, orange extract and annatto seed extract, perfect for taking off makeup and dirt; a brightening and refining effervescent powder treatment wash with multiple sources of vitamin C, enzymes and rose hip seeds; and a face oil that’s formulated with a precise blend of 10 natural plant oils to instantly smooth and hydrate skin.


Why You Should Try It: This is probably my favorite skincare line right now. I’m absolutely obsessed with the glow my skin has after spending two weeks with the line. I used the jelly wash every morning and night and the powder treatment wash twice per week. After every wash, I patted my face dry with a towel, applied two to three drops of the face oil, and followed up with moisturizer. My face looked more alive and my pores definitely looked smaller. I also love the way the powder wash felt—I could definitely tell it was working. The Nude line is worth a few extra bucks for all the good it does. —Morgan DeBoest, editorial intern

Supergoop! Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30, $42

36 / 63


What It Is: Supergoop! Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum is a multi-duty beauty product that serves as a sunscreen, moisturizer, and anti-aging serum. It promises to improve the look of skin while protecting against the sun's damage with a lightweight product that serves as a primer for the rest of your beauty routine.


Why You Should Try It: To be honest, sunscreen is a bit of a foreign concept to me. I'm hyper-sensitive about premature aging, so I know I should be using it. My dermatologist, grandma, and almost every other beauty resource in my life tells me to use it, but I haven't started. Maybe you're like me, and you just tell yourself you'll start using it later. After all, who wants to bust out a giant bottle of sunscreen every morning and try rubbing thick white stuff all over your face, just to look shiny and make the rest of your beauty routine impossible? That's why Supergoop! is amazing. This serum is lightweight, but it still protects my face with SPF 30 and more: It moisturizes, helps repair some of the skin damage I've already done, and it disappears under my makeup. My biggest kudos to this company. It makes protecting your skin convenient. It's not slippery, runny, or hard to use. It still smells like sunscreen, but that's probably my favorite part. Even a dark winter morning can smell like summer! —Hilary Abrahamson, editorial intern

Stemology Pump Up the Volume Skincare Regimen, $209

37 / 63


What It Is: Stemology's Pump Up the Volume skincare regimen is a facial cleansing, brightening, firming, and moisturizing three-part system that uses stem cell technology to improve the look and feel of your skin. Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher is a gentle exfoliating cleanser; Cell Revive Smoothing Serum promises to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin by improving elasticity and offering free radical protection; and Cell Renew Moisture Complete is a moisturizer designed to restore dry and dehydrating skin while improving texture.


Why You Should Try It: Okay, stem cells do amazing things, but they have a reputation for being expensive and unethical. And yes, this skincare trio is on the pricey side, but the results are incredible. Plus, Stemology vows to only use stem cells from plants and adult humans and the only animal products come from live animals (milk, lanolin, and honey, for example). All the ingredients are natural. While I did at times feel creeped out putting stem cells on my face, it was worth it. It's easy to use, I get excited about using it, and my skin looks healthier than it has in a long time. My skin tone is even, my pores are less visible, and the skin on my face, neck, and chest has visibly improved. People I have known for years have been giving me compliments in the last few weeks on my skin. I'm pretty budget-conscious, but I will certainly buy Stemology products for myself in the future. The results were that good. I would recommend this a thousand times over. –Hilary Abrahamson, editorial intern

Go Smile Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System, $130

38 / 63


What It Is: The Go Smile Sonic Blue System is a unique, time-saving whitening system that works while you brush your teeth. The system includes a sonic toothbrush with integrated blue light technology and whitening gel. With whitening gel, regular toothpaste, and a brush twice a day, this product promises noticeably whiter teeth starting after just two days of use.


Why You Should Try It: Whitening systems are a dime—or, like, 500 dimes—a dozen. I’ve shelled out my fair share of cash in hopes of achieving a pure white smile, but hadn’t met my perfect match, until I came across this system. The best part? No extra time required. Simply brush your teeth twice a day with the whitening gel and regular toothpaste and you’ll see results within the first week of use. I’ve been at it for nearly a month and my teeth are pearly white without the stinging pain. The product is on the pricey side, but completely worth it. –Abby Gilman, staff writer

Botanic Organic Skincare, $11-42

39 / 63


What It Is: Botanic Organic is a high-quality, natural skincare company that produces hand-crafted beauty blends to improve the health of your skin. These products are USDA certified and can be found here.


Why You Should Try It: I’ve been on a major skincare kick this year, so I was excited to try Botanic Organic’s all-natural skincare line. I tested seven of their 21 products and loved them all. I was surprised how good my skin felt after using them. I liked the Honey & Licorice Root Daily Cleansing Grains because you can customize the consistency. The facial mists were great as well; they smelled so fresh and were extremely hydrating. Last but not least, I really liked the Raspberry and Green Tea Daily Defense Moisturizer. It was lightweight but created such a soft and smooth canvas. This product line really has something for everyone. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor



bioelements sleepwear, $65

40 / 63


What It Is: Bioelements Sleepwear is an overnight creme that smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles with calcium, retinol, peptides, and cranberry seed oil. The product is best for dry or combination skin types. 


Why You Should Try It: I've used this product for about a month and may never stop. I have combination skin so I'm very hesitant about what products I put on my face. This is the perfect product to reduce dryness or wrinkles around your eyes. It’s thick and moisturizing yet soaks into your skin quickly leaving you feeling refreshed. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor 

TULA Skincare Collection, $198

41 / 63


What It Is: The TULA skincare line uses patented Probiotic Technology and various nutritious ingredients to pamper the skin while protecting, revitalizing, and nourishing it at the same time. Probiotics have been proven to help keep breakouts at bay, calm inflammation, and decrease skin sensitivity and redness. All TULA products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petroleum—and they’re gluten-free!


Why You Should Try It: Normally, I’m the lazy girl who washes her face in the morning and uses makeup remover wipes at night. But after spending some quality time with these TULA products, I’ve converted to meticulous skincare junkie. I love the gentle foaming face wash because it removes makeup and impurities without being harsh. After cleansing, I apply the illuminating face serum. This serum absolutely rocks—it makes my face glow all day and evens the pigmentation of my skin. The hydrating day and night cream is incredible because it’s light enough for day but rich and nourishing enough for nighttime. It’s like a multivitamin for your skin. To complete the regimen, I used the revitalizing eye cream. It helped tone and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye, and minimized fine lines and puffiness. I even noticed my dark under-eye circles fading! I fully believe in a full skincare regimen for day and night now, and TULA is at the top of my list. —Morgan DeBoesteditorial intern

Out of Africa Shea Butter Washes and Lotions, $7.99 ea.

42 / 63

What It Is: The Out of Africa products—including a hand lotion, body lotion, hand wash, and body wash—are designed to revitalize, soften and moisturize skin without harsh chemicals. All of their products are cruelty free, eco-friendly and made from 100% pure shea butter. Plus, the purchase of Out of Africa products helps provide education and medical care to women and children in West Africa.
Why You Should Try It: First of all, I hate a runny lotion. Luckily, the Out of Africa products—true to the "extra creamy" description on the bottles—are just the opposite. The Geranium hand and body lotions are thick, effective, and smell great. I loved that the moisture lasted for hours, but the smell didn't, even after using the body wash and lotion in tandem. Whether you intend to use these products as a set or individually, give Out of Africa a try. Every product left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. —Rachel Weeks, editorial intern

Buriti Oil Moisturizer, $36

43 / 63


What It Is: Peter Lamas Buriti Oil Moisturizer is a daily face moisturizer fortified with antioxidants, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Macadamia Seed Oil. Powerful Resveratrol gives it the incredible ability to strengthen and protect while enhancing skin's texture, leaves it supple, refreshed, and smooth.


Why You Should Try It: I'm always on the hunt for the best moisturizer for my skin type — normal, with some oily areas. I was a little worried by the mention of oil in the name of this moisturizer, but I was so wrong. This light moisturizer left my skin so soft and glowing after just a few uses. It's gentle on the skin, but intensely moisturizing. I'd recommend it to anyone with somewhat dry, normal, or sometimes oily skin. It's definitely not for those needing a heavy-duty moisturizer, but for those right in the middle, it gets the job done. –Morgan DeBoest, staff writer 

Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub, $24

44 / 63


What it is: This natural scrub is made with pumpkin enzymes that penetrate pores for deep cleansing. A combination of apple and almond acids dissolves dirt and oil buildup and apricot grains gently polish away dead skin cells, revealing brighter, softer skin. Because it also contains pumpkin oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, it hydrates and nourishes your face for a more luminous complexion.

Why you should try it: Our faces are delicate and deserve a lot of TLC. The Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub is a miracle mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. Not only does it exfoliate, but it’s also a killer cleanser that noticeably removes built-up dirt and makeup. It never fails to leave my skin feeling smoother, brighter, and softer and it has a subtly sweet scent that reminds me of warm dessert. You can’t ask for much more. —Leah Walters, design intern

neova copper moisture mask, $49

45 / 63


What It Is: A professional-strength therapy mask that replenishes dry skin with much-needed moisture. This mask’s secret weapon, copper, allows this product to improve the skin’s overall texture and prevent signs of aging.

Why You Should Try It: I know even my oily skin needs moisture — plus this product’s copper peptides intrigued me — so I gave the NEOVA Copper Moisture Mask a try. Now, this isn’t an “I look cute in selfies with my thick, white face mask on” kind of product. It’s actually a thick, bluish gel, like a lighter version of silly puddy. As I applied this mask, I instantly loved how cooling it felt on my skin. I opted to leave the product on my face for 20 minutes and, like many face masks, my face became motionless as the mask dried. This product did not rinse off easily, but instead clung to my face more when mixed with water. However, that isn’t a deal-breaker for me, because this product left my skin feeling so smooth. I will definitely use this mask again the next time I need a moisture boost.  —Jessi Wilson, editorial intern  

ACURE seriously firming facial serum, $22.99

46 / 63


What It Is: ACURE's Seriously Firming Facial Serum is less of a serum and more of a combination of oils: certified organic argan oil and borage oil to restore moisture and soothe inflammation and cranberry to "neutralize free radicals for firmer, glowing skin." It's designed to correct signs of aging, moisturize dry to normal skin, and revitalize skin cells. Plus, it's paraben-free, vegan, synthetic-fragrance-free, phthalate-free, and gluten-free.

Why You Should Try It: This little bottle had me at first whiff—it smelled like a lemony pine tree—but to my delight it was also very effective. While the serum is essentially an oil, I didn't find it too heavy or oily. I put it on at night before bed and woke up each morning with skin that felt soft and vibrant. While I cannot claim that it did any significant firming over the week I used it, my skin's usual redness had reduced noticeably. It also claims to be a great eye makeup remover—which it is—but I'd leave that to something a little less expensive. —Rachel Weeks, editorial intern

bioxidea™ miracle 48 excellent diamond - revitalizing, $79

47 / 63


What It Is: Bioxidea™ Miracle 48 Excellent Diamond Revitalizing facemask is a simple and safe hydrogel facemask that revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin, giving you an instant 48-hour face lift. This mask uses diamond powder, which gives a slight fluorescent effect to the skin and protects it from harmful ultraviolet radiation. 


Why You Should Try It: After one use of this mask I was sold. It’s like a spa treatment in a box. This mask left my face feeling so healthy, moisturized, plump, glowing, and, best of all, my fine lines were gone. The results lasted a few days and then I wanted to do another treatment. I’d recommend using this for big events or a few times a month. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Restorsea Repairing Hand Treatment, $85

48 / 63


What It Is: A non-greasy hand treatment that boasts its ability to erase skin blemishes, dry patches, and imperfections, this treatment is hypoallergenic and can be used on sensitive skin.   

Why You Should Try It: When I started rubbing the Restorsea Repairing Hand Treatment on my hands, I was surprised by how lightweight it felt. It doesn’t have the thick consistency of some other hand treatments, which made it quick to absorb into my skin without feeling oily. Right away, I noticed that a few dry patches on my hands felt way more moisturized. –Jessi Wilson, editorial intern   

Dermarose Swiss Rose Stem Cell Anti-Aging Eye Serum, $135

49 / 63


What It Is: Dermarose Swiss Rose Stem Cell Anti-Aging Eye Serum is used to fight fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Swiss rose stem cells stimulate cell renewal while peptides firm skin to reduce signs of fatigue. Apply this product twice a day for healthier, younger-looking eyes.


Why You Should Try It: This Dermarose eye serum is one of my favorites. Although it’s a tad pricey, I absolutely love it. It's the perfect consistently that soaks in quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturized. This product makes my skin feel so healthy and refreshed. It seems to diminish wrinkles and puffiness, which is great for me and my lack of sleep. My best friend already tried stealing it from me. I highly recommend it. –Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Olivine Atelier Love & Roses Beauty Mist, $36

50 / 63


What It Is: Olivine Love & Roses Beauty Mist is an intoxicating, magic-making blend of natural anti-aging beautifiers, essential oils, sacred flower essences, and waters to soften skin and hair.


Why You Should Try It: This stuff is seriously a beauty gamechanger. I keep it in my bag at all times because it's absolutely necessary! I use the Love & Roses Beauty Mist for everything—wetting my Beautyblender, refreshing my skin during a long day, and setting my makeup. It's the perfect pick-me-up and is formulated with natural, organic ingredients that are generally reserved for luxurious night creams. As far as rosewater mists go, this one is actually a bargain. You can get a smaller, 2 oz. version for only $14—a serious steal. I can't stop talking about this stuff; everyone should get their hands on it. —Morgan DeBoest, editorial assistant

Bellatorra Activating Uplifting Mist, $165

51 / 63


What It Is: Bellatorra Activating Uplifting Mist is an alternative to Botox—it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides immediate lifting effects. In addition to its restorative benefits, this mist also protects from free radical damage and soothes irritated skin, revealing a younger, fresher and smoother complexion.


Why You Should Try It: At the ripe age of 22, I'm just starting to worry about fine lines and wrinkles. I put my skin through a lot when I was younger and am starting to see the effects of that damage. So when I found Bellatorra Activating Uplifting Mist, I was excited to see my skin transform into a more youthful, glowy version of itself. I was not disappointed—after using it for a week after every face-cleansing session and before moisturizer, I was pleased to see that my pores and fine lines were diminished. My skin had an overall sheen to it and I felt that my moisturizer was more effective. The price may be a bit steep, but it's worth it—especially if you consider the price of Botox! —Morgan DeBoest, editorial assistant 


Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant, $22.95

52 / 63


What It Is: Dr. Hauschka's Rose Deodorant is a quick-drying formula that absorbs odor without clogging pores or causing irritation. This product is filled with pure essential oils to provide a mild, clean scent. It’s certified natural, vegan, and free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.


Why You Should Try It: I was a little worried that an all-natural deodorant wouldn't keep me fresh all day but it did. The rose scent smells so good without being too fragrant. This deodorant is very easy to apply with a rollerball top. The only thing is that it is a little cold when you first apply. –Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter, $120

53 / 63


What It Is: The Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter is a paraben-free product that nourishes and firms the skin without clogging pores. It can be applied all over the body; however, it's specifically designed to moisturize the arms and legs.     

Why You Should Try It: The Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter doesn't have an overwhelming smell, which I appreciate in a product I am using on my entire body. It also wasn't as thick as some of the other body butters I’ve tried; however, doesn't mean it was any less moisturizing. This product left my body feeling moisturized without feeling greasy. I can’t wait to use this to get smooth, beach-ready legs this summer. –Jessi Wilson, editorial intern   

Organic Beauty Now Hand & Foot Repair and Body Oil, $53

54 / 63


What It Is: Organic Beauty Now is a cruelty-free, vegan, and organic bath, body, and hair brand. They employ the use of essential oils and natural, nourishing ingredients to bring high-quality products to the table. The peppermint and grapefruit hand and foot repair is formulated with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, pink grapefruit, and peppermint leaf oil for heavy duty relief. The Inspire body oil is a combination of coconut and sunflower seed oils and essential oils like pink grapefruit, yuzu, and elemi. 


Why You Should Try It: I'm a huge fan of organic, cruelty-free products. It's so important to pay attention to what you're putting on your skin and in your hair, and these products give your body just what it wants. I keep the hand and foot repair on my end table at home so I can always treat myself to a little hand and foot therapy when I'm sitting around. It smells like a yoga studio with the peppermint and sage leaf oils, and it keeps me so relaxed throughout the day. I also love the body oil after a long shower—apply while the skin is still damp to lock in moisture and soothe the skin. Organic Beauty Now also has a wide range of hair products that are seriously incredible. —Morgan DeBoest, staff writer

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme, $84

55 / 63


What It Is: Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme is a skincare concoction made up of antioxidants that promise to diminish the look of lines and wrinkles by up to 54%. This product helps strengthen skin and boost its natural defenses by helping skin strengthen its collagen production. 


Why You Should Try It: I'm really happy with this product and so far I’ve been impressed by all Prescriptives products. I rubbed three drops all over my face and neck for over three weeks—morning and night. My face feels moisturized and smooth; my redness has gone down; and the skin around my eyes is already looking younger. This is a product I could use forever. —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Xtreme Lashes Under Eye Gel Patches, Hydrating, $19

56 / 63


What It Is: Xtreme Lashes Under Eye Gel Patches is a set of treatments that instantly refresh and rejuvenate eyes with an antioxidant-rich hydration serum. This treatment is formulated with hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate and plump the skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet.


Why You Should Try It: These patches are like a caffeine jolt to your face. When you place them under your eyes, it’s an instant cooling feeling. You can feel the patches plumping your skin for a quick—albeit temporary—relief from wrinkles, dark circle, and undereye puffiness. I recommend these for events and times when you need a quick eye lift.  —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Revision Beauty D.E.J. Face Cream, $120

57 / 63


What It Is: Formulated with the highest quality clinically-proven extracts, peptides, and antioxidants, D.E.J face cream addresses the signs of aging by helping to firm, brighten, and smooth the skin. It's ideal for all ages and skin types—especially those with mature and dry complexions—and it contains powerful antioxidants like THD ascorbate, vitamin E, and goji fruit extract to help revitalize and smooth skin. Rosemary extract, ursolic acid, and a special form of sunflower seed oil provide intense moisturization for a flawless skin texture.


Why You Should Try It: This stuff might just be magic. I'm starting to notice fine lines and little wrinkles on my face, which really freaks me out at such a young(ish) age. I want to stop this aging in its tracks, and D.E.J. face cream does just that. It smooths, hydrates, and perfectly primes for makeup, but throughout the day, it works to improve the quality and youthfulness of your skin. I use it as a lightweight night cream, as well. I've always struggled with inconsistent pigmentation, and I've found that D.E.J. helps to even the tone of my skin, too! Revision Skincare products are available exclusively through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas; find a location near you. —Morgan DeBoest, staff writer

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Mask, $22

58 / 63


What It is: Made with simple, natural ingredients, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack balances and conditions pores while helping to calm inflammation. Using the gentlest, most nourishing creamy white kaolin clay, this cleansing mask detoxifies skin by drawing out excess oil and impurities, leaving your face with a velvety-matte, clean finish. Beauty foods like vitamin-rich leafy greens and superfruit antioxidants deliver a potent dose of nutrients for when you need to press the reset button on your complexion. 


Why You Should Try It: First of all, Glossier is the coolest company ever. It's run entirely by women and they put an incredible amount of effort, all-natural ingredients, and love into their products. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is seriously like a detox or juice cleanse for your face. Apply generously so all the goodness can really soak in. Leave on for at least 20 minutes—just enough time for an episode on Netflix or a mini meditation sesh. If you're feeling really ambitious, follow up with their Moisturizing Moon Mask for the holy grail of skin makeovers. Bonus points: you get free shipping when you order both masks. —Morgan DeBoest, staff writer

Kora Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm, $25

59 / 63


What It Is: Kora Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm is lip treatment with made up of Jojoba, Avocado, Rosehip, and nutrient-rich extracts. This lip balm also contains Vitamin C and E an promises to soothe, smooth and renew even the driest of chapped lips, leaving them soft and kissable.


Why You Should Try It: I’m really picky when it comes to lip products because my lips are fairly sensitive and tend to be dry. This lip balm really does what it says. It hydrates the heck out of lips, leaving them so smooth and soft. I love the product and find myself using it multiple times a day because I love how it makes my lips feel. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the application process; I wish I didn’t have to use my fingers to apply. Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Clairvoyant Beauty Blue Green Algae Body Polish, $43

60 / 63


What It Is: This hydrating body polish’s formula is a mix of blue-green algae, butters and sea salt that work together to heal, nourish and perfect skin.

Why You Should Try It: This body polish comes in handy when my skin needs a reboot. While in the shower, I massage it onto my arms and legs until the sea salt starts to dissolve and then I rinse the product off. I’m left with soft and smooth skin, and while the smell is a little off-putting, the result is totally worth it. – Jessi Wilson, editorial intern   

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, $85

61 / 63


What It Is: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is a powerful exfoliation treatment that reduces skin’s roughness, improves the texture and visual complexion, and creates smoother, softer skin.


Why You Should Try It: This product is a little bit of a splurge, but totally worth it. You have to try it! The Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® polished my skin for an overall better appearance. It reduced my breakouts and left my skin feeling softer than it ever has. I will warn you though, if you have sensitive skin, start small. It’s easy to over-exfoliate your skin if you're not too careful. –Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

osmosis activating mist, $26

62 / 63


What It Is:  Osmosis Activating Mist is a liquid spray that helps preserve a healthy complexion with harmonized water. This formula includes an anti-viral, bacterial and fungal formula to control skin's natural levels of bacteria.


Why You Should Try It: This product is super easy to use with a no-mess spritz application. It’s a quick way to refresh your skin anytime of the day and I love that it combats the bacteria to keep my blemishes to a minimum. I love packing it when I travel to keep my face feeling clean after long travel days. I also noticed that it helps my serums and creams soak in for optimal moisture—big bonus! —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

Prescriptives Super Line Filler, $45

63 / 63


What It Is: Prescriptives Super Line Filler targets line and wrinkles by blurring them in and smoothing the skins appearance. This formula helps to enhance skin’s natural collagen production to repair unwanted wrinkles.


Why You Should Try It: I'm a big fan of a Prescriptives products and this is another one that doesn’t disappoint. I work long hours and deal with tired, puffy eyes. This stuff definitely gives me a quick pick-me-up, smoothes the skin around my eyes and even brightens. I love that the Super Line Filler is lightweight and blends in perfectly if I need to reapply during the day. I highly recommend.  —Katelyn Herlein, e-commerce editor

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