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Winter Skincare Solutions: 6 Products We Love

It's cold! That's all I have to say these days. Sub-zero temperatures are hard on your skin. Even if you have oily skin, nearly everyone can benefit from some intensive moisture treatments this time of year. Here are my top winter skincare picks to infuse moisture back into your epidermis.


1. GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Mask
GlamGlow is famous for clarifying SuperMud and exfoliating YouthMud, and they've done it again with a new hydrating mask: ThirstyMud. First of all, the coconut and honey scent is heavenly. All I want to do is inhale it, but once I put it on my face, the lightweight, silky product locks in moisture for immediate and long-term hydration. I love the versatility. Apply it for 10 minutes or apply a thin layer overnight and let it hydrate while you rest. 

2. Agave Lip Mask
This rich jelly is amazing for getting your lips lipstick-ready. Formulated with organic agave nectar and antioxidants, it smells and feels wonderful. The tiniest bit goes a long way, and although it may feel thick at first, this jelly instantly melts onto lips.

3. Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
Born in a Japanese pharmacy, this glycerin moisturizer is ideal for dry heels, hands, and noses. If you are constantly blowing your nose, this is a miracle product for creating a hydrated smooth surface for makeup to glide over. The scent is medicinal, but you won't care because it's amazing.

4. Tarte Maracuja Oil
I love essential fatty acid oils for the glow, hydration, and radiance they impart. Few things feel more luxurious than smoothing a facial oil over dry skin before bed. Maracuja oil comes from a fruit in the Amazon and is rich in vitamin C for bright, beautiful, younger-looking skin!

5. Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil Gel
Winter is no time to be stripping your skin of precious moisture. An oil-gel cleanser gives you the best of both worlds. Preservative-free Boscia has created a cleanser packed with hydrating ingredients like tsubaki oil, Japanese sea kelp, and rice bran. It also addresses breakout concerns with anti-bacterial plant extract allantoin.

6. Freeman Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask
This has been one of my favorite, affordable masks for a long time. It uses the Alpha Hydroxy Acids found in pineapple enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells. It is gentle, but effective. And it smells tropical, so you can imagine you are far away from your current winter landscape!

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Ivy Boyd

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, but it's creating works of art on faces that I love most. By day, I am a Senior Education Consultant for Sephora as well as a freelance makeup artist. The rest of the time, I'm creating content for my makeup and beauty blog, Wake Up for Makeup, reading product reviews, watching tutorial videos and reading makeup artist books. I live and breathe this stuff and if you could eat makeup, I'd probably do that too. I also love painting abstracts, running, attending music festivals and acting weird with my husband and our two awesome cats. I'm here to tell you what products are legit, how to better use the ones you have, give you ideas to shake up your routine and guide you through some fun tutorials I know you can dominate.

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