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"Maskwoman" Takes On-the-Go Beauty to a Whole New Level

Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day...

We all know that a good skincare routine is the key to natural beauty, but not everyone has the time for a face mask every morning before work. No one knows this quite as well as Chinese commuter Joey. Identified by local reporters, this bold beauty maven has been spotted wearing a terrifying black face mask on her morning commute to work. And she's starting to go viral.

While she would probably prefer to leave her skincare routine at home, Joey doesn't seem to mind confusing or even alarming fellow passengers, as long as she gets her beauty fix. And, frankly, it's metal as hell! If you have to spend time on a train in the morning, might as well spend it doing something useful.

Joey didn't always cleanse on the go. But with her wedding and honeymoon approaching, Joey told local reporters, she had to pick up more hours at work. Of course, that meant having less time in the morning to get through her full beauty routine before it was time to catch the train. Instead of skipping her daily skincare, Joey heroically chose to take to the streets fully masked. Now that's commitment! 

Honestly, it seems we have a new skincare idol.

Rachel Weeks

I'm originally from the Chicagoland area, but I recently moved from beautiful Des Moines, IA to the equally beautiful Denver, CO. I spend my days reading, binge-watching TV shows, performing and listening to comedy and, of course, writing.

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