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Skin Gritting Is The Grossly Satisfying Way To Extract Your Blackheads

by Hannah Marsh

Skin Gritting Is The Grossly Satisfying Way To Extract Your Blackheads

Reddit has dubbed a new way to extract those pimples and pores. While it looks too good to be true, we talked to a dermatologist to get an expert’s opinion!


Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a gross moment: as far as blackheads and pimples go, it’s hard to decide what to do. Do you let them be, like you know you’re supposed to, and just sit let it sit there as an annoying (and sometimes painful!) spot in the middle of your face? Or do you go against everything rational you’ve ever learned and let your fingers attack every little mark on your skin?


It’s truly a constant battle. However, in addition to pore strips and face masks, our friends on Reddit have brought another option for extracting your pores into the mix, and if you have a weak stomach, you might want to stop reading now.


Introducing what the internet refers to as “skin-gritting,” that produces so-called “skin grits,” or just plain “grits.” (Which you will probably never eat again after this story).



According to the Reddit community, the process, while it varies slightly between individuals, is fairly simple. Skin-gritting involves washing your skin with an oil-based cleanser. Follow cleansing up with a clay mask, and then, while rinsing, cleanse (again) with an oil cleanser, massaging while you wash. The motion apparently extracts blackheads and pimples, causing them to pop out of your skin. Kind of sounds oddly satisfying, doesn’t it?


TBH, it could very well just be pilled debris and makeup that ends up in little grit-shapes. Because while it would be so simple and absolutely fantastic if something could extract so many of our pores in one swoop, it makes us hesitate. How good could that possibly be for our skin, and does it actually work? Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Ahdout of the Roxbury Institute recommends against it.


“Blackheads are a representation of the oxidized material that is left in our pores,” Ahdout explained to MORE. “It is a combination of the sebaceous material and dead keratin, which are the skin cells. They turn dark once this material has been oxidized. With the gritting technique, the oil can help to soften up some of these contents and the clay mask can then assist in removing these contents. However, it is unlikely that the material that is being expressed by skin gritting truly represents blackheads. It’s more likely to be just be a combination of the oil and some dead skin on the surface.”


As long as you don’t go overboard and you only do this extraction technique in moderation, there’s probably no real risk involved. However, if your skin is already prone to clogged pores, you’ll definitely want to stay away from those comedogenic (pore-clogging) oils!


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