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The Sweetest Beauty Ingredient We’re Slathering On Now

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The Sweetest Beauty Ingredient We’re Slathering On Now

September is National Honey Month, so in addition to adding a little extra sweetness to our tea and toast, we're adding this ingredient to our beauty routine from September onward. As a humectant, honey works to lock in moisture, but it's also full of anti-aging antioxidants and antimicrobials to open up your pores. Its moisturizing properties can also be used in cosmetics, providing richer, creamier color payoff. Here are seven honey-infused beauty products we can't get enough of.


A “Just Came From the Spa” Glow



The OM Aroma & Co. Manuka Honey Masque, $56, is one of my favorite honey products around. Take a look at the ingredients, and you'll see manuka honey listed as the very first one—no hard-to-pronounce, artificial ingredients in sight. This certified organic face mask uses honey to draw impurities from the skin and give you a brighter complexion. I prefer using the rich mask in the colder months when my skin really needs extra moisture and a little TLC. Note, the mask does look a little … icky when you first open it (almost like pure honey), but don't judge it based on appearances alone. This mask is as close to an at-home spa treatment as you can get.


Color That Lasts Through an All Night Dance Party



I hate reapplying makeup. I spend a good amount of time putting it on in the morning, so I'd like to think that's it for the day. And while most products do require a little midday maintenance, Ardency Inn's Manuka Honey Enriched Pigment, $21, isn't one of those products. These pressed powder eye shadows glide on richer and smoother than most powders and last all day sans eye shadow primer. There are 12 gorgeous shades, ranging from colors I'd wear every day, like copper and (my favorite) rose gold, but there are also fun shades to play around with, like bright orange and a velvety deep purple.


A Stress Reliever for Your Mind and Skin



Sunday nights are face-mask time in my house — a little stress-relieving ritual that leaves me at ease and my skin feeling refreshed. The latest mask in my rotation is Fresh Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask, $130. The powerhouse ingredients in this mask are honey, echinacea, meadowfoam seed oil, and seabuckthorn oil, among a slew of others. Along with being ultra-hydratying, the added benefit of echinacea is said to "improve the skin's resilience to environmental aggressors." And while the price tag does seem steep, the product goes a long way, and the effect lasts for much longer than a typical face mask. Use before you go to bed, and you'll wake up with smoother, glowing skin.


A Cleanser Perfect for Winter Mornings



Innovative Skincare's Warming Honey Cleanser, $38, is a must-have for your winter skincare routine. This treatment cleanser warms when it comes into contact with your skin, a sensation that's extra comforting when you've left a warm bed in the morning. The cleanser, which contains papaya enzymes and green tea, is moisturizing but also keeps breakouts under control, protects your skin's natural ceramide barrier, and is antimicrobrial. Spend extra time rubbing it into your skin in small circles, and the warming sensation will increase as you massage the product deeper.


A Balm Extra Kissable Lips



As the weather gets colder, our lips take the brunt force of a lot of the chill and get dry, chapped and flaky. Nyakio Hydrating Lip Balm with Kola Nut, $20, is like a lip balm and treatment in one. The balm contains African kola nut, marula oil, trichilia oil, and honey, which leaves long-lasting moisture that doesn't feel gooey or sticky.


A Bath Product That Smells Like Dessert



Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath, $45, sounds more like a dessert than a beauty product. And it smells good enough to eat. This bubble bath comes with an adorable little honey stick, so you can dip it in the product and drizzle it beneath the running water. Unlike most bubble baths, the rich scent lasts your entire tub time, not just when it first hits the water. Luxurious bubbles form instantly and fill an entire bathtub. And the silky-smooth texture of the bath product leaves your skin equally smooth.


A Masculine Perfume for Autumn



Kilian's new fragrance, Light My Fire, is more smoky and rich than sweet, but it has light notes of wild honey along stronger notes of spicy tobacco leaf with dried cumin, tedded hay, earthy patchouli, vanilla, white heliotrope, and birch wood. If you're the type that steals your man's cologne for a more musky, masculine scent, Kilian will suit you perfectly. At $270, the fragrance is certainly a splurge, but the sleek silver-and-black packaging is practically artwork when displayed on your vanity.