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There’s Finally A Sunscreen Specifically For People Of Color

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There’s Finally A Sunscreen Specifically For People Of Color

Bolden SPF 30 Moisturizer is the first step toward making protecting people's skin as inclusive as it should be.

While there is still a loooong way to go, as of late, the beauty industry is taking steps to become a more inclusive place, and Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoaare used their skills to join in the efforts.

When the two Nigerian-born sister-in-laws (who are married to brothers) were on a vacation in Key West, Chidozie picked up some drugstore sunblock for the day. However, she found that no matter how much she attempted to rub it in, she couldn't get the liquid to sink in to her skin.

"It wasn't wearable," she told Seventeen. "You just looked like a ghost. That was really frustrating."

That trip was when the idea for a sunscreen specifically formulated for people of color was born, and after plenty of research, the Bolden SPF 30 moisturizer was launched.

The moisturizer is meant to be an introduction for people of color to just start using suncreen in the first place.

"I grew up thinking you get melanin and God gave you the protection you need," Chidozie told Seventeen. "We grew up in Africa and you can imagine the heat and the sun and it hits down on you everyday. We used a lot of moisturizer, just not sunscreen. Black people everywhere don't really think they need it."

The formula goes on clear without leaving any chalky residue, and it's made with safflower oil and Vitamin C to amp up the skin's moisture, leaving your skin smooth and protected at the same time.

Chinelo and Chidozie wanted to make sure they were doing their part to lean in and make a dent in the lack of inclusivity in the beauty community with this product.

Chinelo said, "People within the community have to step up to do something and get a seat at the table so when these decisions [about beauty products] are being made, there are considerations for people across the board."

Grab a tube for yourself from Bolden's website for $28!