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Try the “Sugaring” Technique and Never Shave Again

by Sierra Burgos

Try the “Sugaring” Technique and Never Shave Again

Sugaring is our new favorite way to get smooth, hair-free skin—without the razor.


Almost nothing is more of a pain in the ass than hair removal. Shaving your legs adds at least 15 minutes to any shower, eyebrow threading gives meaning to the phrase, “beauty is pain.” And don’t even get us started on bikini area upkeep. Some of us have tried absolutely everything: razors, wax, hair removal creams. The list goes on and on.


If you’ve attempted any of these to no avail, try adding “sugaring” to your list. It’s an ancient middle-eastern practice that uses only sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove hair from the skin. The best part? The results are meant to last up to six weeks. SIX WEEKS. Sign me up!




So how does it work? A warm, wax-like mixture is spread onto your body in the opposite direction that the hair grows. The technician then flicks off the sugar in the other direction, ensuring that you don’t get ingrown hairs or irritated skin. Even better, sugaring isn’t as painful as waxing. The clean up is way quicker, and you leave with refreshed, soft skin afterwards.


Several spas are beginning to offer sugaring, including the popular Sugared + Bronzed, mainly located in California. YouTubers Sharzad and Susan, AKA The SASS, paid a visit to the salon and tested out sugaring for themselves. Check out how the process happens below:



Although it can get a little pricey, the pros of sugaring definitely outweigh the cons (SIX. WEEKS.) and it might just be your new go-to hair removal technique. So if you’re sick of shaving, ditch the razor and blast “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”