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10 Wrinkle Cream Products That Make a Difference

by Ivy Boyd

10 Wrinkle Cream Products That Make a Difference

Whether you’re 20, 30, 40, 50 or beyond, wrinkles are something that will bum you out. Smile lines, crows feet, forehead furrows—we hate ’em all! Your best course of action against wrinkles is prevention with SPF and hydration. But no matter how perfect your skincare routine might be, a good wrinkle cream must be in your arsenal of beauty products. Try one of these awesome creams and kick those wrinkles to the curb!


Sephora Age Defy



Sephora Age Defy is one of my favorite simple, effective wrinkle creams. It’s hydrating without feeling greasy and has the Sephora-exclusive HydroSenn+ which helps to bind moisture to your skin. It is actually more effective than the more common hyaluronic acid. It also has Rice Nutripeptides for cell renewal and collagen synthesis—so much bang for the buck.


Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream



I am a huge fan of nearly everything Algenist does. The Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream is no exception. This ultra-rich cream contains the patented Alguronic Acid, which helps cells regenerate themselves as well as anti-aging peptides. It makes your skin feel truly baby soft!


PTR Unwrinkle Night Cream



When I worked at Sephora, I had a 60-year-old coworker whose skin looked so unbelievably good that I made her show me her driver’s license. I would have thought she was at least 10 years younger. Well, she shared her secret, and it is PTR Unwrinkle Night Cream. Her gorgeous skin was all the proof I needed, but it helps that it’s positively jam-packed with anti-aging goodness. Peptides, neuropeptides, my main squeeze retinol and glycolic acid. If you want anti-aging, this pretty much as it all.


Kate Somerville RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream



Miss Kate did us well on Kate Somerville RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream, packing powerful retinol into a unique delivery system called RetAsphere Smart Release. This lessens the irritation from retinol, plus it’s backed up with seaweed extract for hydration.


Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night



Cult favorite Hope in a Jar just got more hopeful! The original is already an excellent, gently exfoliating moisturizer, and the Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night version just amps that up! Glycolic acid aids in cell turnover, and qusomes are there to gently deliver it gradually. Beta Glucan gives your skin a radiant glow, and Allantoin soothes it.


Benefiance WrinkleResist24



Millions of Shiseido devotees can’t be wrong! Did you know Shiseido is actually the oldest skincare company in the world? Yup, the world. So they know what’s up. This luxuriously-hydrating Benefiance WrinkleResist24 cream contains mukurossi extract, which basically says, “Hey, wrinkle-triggering enzyme—Stop!” Get on this train now so you can look 10 years younger later!


Regenerist Night Recovery Cream



Olay is a household name, and the Regenerist Night Recovery Cream line was a breakthrough in over-the-counter skincare. This night cream has a ton of good ingredients going for it: peptides, time-release hydration, vitamin B3 and green tea! My own mother has used this for years, and I do think her skin looks much more hydrated and youthful than it should. I also absolutely love the scent of these products.


RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream



Budget-friendly doesn’t mean less effective! One of the highest-rated retinol night creams—is the widely available RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream! The drugstore product doesn’t slack in its formula, providing an intensive shot of retinol so you see results quickly. There’s a sensitive skin formula, too—great for retinol beginners.


KORRES Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream



I love the Greek-born Korres, especially their innovative KORRES Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream! What is that weird word? Well, only the first clinically proven alternative to retinol, girl! Quercetin is gentle yet effective and great for those who can’t or simply don’t want to use retinols. This night cream also contain myrtle extract for elasticity and tons of moisturizing ingredients too!


Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion



As both a dermatologist and pharmacist, Dr. Murad is legit, and Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion is, too. You’ll love it if you’re an immediate gratification fan because in 2 hours or less your skin feels and looks firmer and wrinkles are basically plumped up! The Rapid Collagen Infusion is super-cool because it contains a collagen so small that it can penetrate the skin! I recently gave this product to my mom, and she happily reports that she can tell a difference, and so could I when I saw her smoother, more youthful skin!


Wrinkle Cream Powerhouse Ingredients



  • Peptides for prompting skin to renew and build more collagen
  • Retinol or retinoids for basically everything from wrinkles to clogged pores
  • Vitamin C for brightness and clarity
  • Glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation
  • Lactic acid for gentle exfoliation
  • Hyaluronic acid to increase hydration
  • Antioxidants (green tea, pomegranate)

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